Monday, July 18, 2011

Alleviate the Budget and Costs Over Time

Received on July 5, 2011

   As part of the ERP, one of our assignments is to do a review on some current event in the paper each week. This article deals with prisoners such as myself, involved in an early release program, and the review that I submitted in my program.

   In comment to this article, I'd like to add a short quote from “Save My Son”, a book by Maralys Wills and Mike Carona. “One in every thirty-four adult Americans is incarcerated or on probation or parole. Eighty percent of all convicted criminals, nationwide, have a drug component in their crimes. Twenty-one percent of the inmates in California jails are there for drug offenses alone. So what's the solution? Build more jails? Mandate longer sentences? Or attack the problem at it's root?”

  I personally think we could save our state more money by using the money that is being spent to assess, evaluate, and observe the inmates under the Act 28 guidelines, and INSTEAD use this money for rehabilitating our state's growing drug and alcohol problem. If we could minimize the source of the problem, we could then minimize the need for overpriced institutions, overpaid corrections workers and other staff, and ultimately alleviate the budget and costs over time.

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