Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pablo Carranza: THE Choice in Wisconsin Law

Awaiting new logs due to a few issues directly involved with electronic publishing and another inmate in the Wisconsin Prison System, I would like to introduce to you a friend and attorney here in Wisconsin. This is not spam... it is directly related, a childhood friend, a defense attorney, a DUI attorney (remember, this blog is of a person on their felony DUI,) practicing in the same originating area of this originating mess... Immigration/Deportation and of course bilingual in the mix. Far from spam kids. Read on ;) Even the down time of this blog is going to stay alive.

You can view his current site at:

Pablo Carranza | Attorney at Law, LLC

1 Parker Place, Suite 303

Janesville, Wisconsin


(608) 305-4455

If you want to just want to see who this guy really is and see what he can do go to http://pcatty.com/about/ and I am sure you will be impressed, I know I have been all through his progress.

Thank You All For Viewing! KEEP FOLLOWING! There is more to come...

~ “3rd Party”

Wednesday, April 20, 2011



Just something to fill the time... the time currently being filled is due cause by our government and their decisions@!

(there is something internal that is holding up the blogs... something that doesn't want to be known)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

While We Wait..

Currently we are awaiting new logs. This is being held up by staffing, property transfer, etc. For those who all do not know "J. Doe" is currently in Milwaukee, WI which is his permanent staffing location.

Something was recently shared on the facebook account. I figured it was quite fitting to share on here during the wait. I gave it a little time to gain some comments (the few it did before posting.)


Thank You Laney for the contribution.

One thing I really noticed was in the comments to the article.

"FOLLOW THE MONEY. Who profits from failed criminal justice and horrifically overcrowded prisons that are bankrupting states across the nation?

District attorneys and prosecutors who are promoted for winning cases and harsh sentences at any cost;
Tough-on-crime scare tactic politicians hoping for votes;
Guard employee unions;
For-profit-contract-bed-privatized-corporation prisons;
Parole department in California where everyone released is on parole;
Three strikes law that sends people to prison for 25+ years over petty crimes like stealing a pizza;
The bail bond industry that benefits from unnecessary criminal justice practices that increase incarceration;
Rigged line-ups that get faulty convictions and promote detectives;
Requirement to check prior-arrest/conviction boxes on employment, government,
and rental applications for those who have been crime-free for years;
The list goes on….."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Where am I Going?

Written on April 4, 2011,

   I know it's been a while since I wrote anything worth while. Things have been pretty laid-back for the most part. I admittedly have spent quite a bit of time on the phone with my family, watching T.V., and listening to the radio. I spent the majority of every day doing those things.

   Yesterday I was told to pack up to leave on Tuesday, April 5th. They won't tell me where I'm going, but from what I was told at DCI, I'll be going back there for an overnighter, only to leave the next day to Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) to start my Earned Release Program. I start on April 18th, so my estimated release date will be on around October 20th, 2011. I've been notified that I cannot have candy, coffee, or noodles at MSDF, so today I made a few trades and even a bet with another inmate. I said I bet he couldn't rub a significant amount of prescription strength muscle rub on his genitals and leave it on. I bet a bag of coffee that he couldn't do it. Well, he actually made it! After the first 15 minutes of agonizing pain, he said it subsided. So he got a “free” bag of coffee for it. That was our cheap fun for the day.

   I know I haven't written much, but I didn't think readers would care much about the television shows I've been watching or the music I've been listening to. As soon as I get to MSDF and there is structure and organized living again, I will attempt to regain the regularity of my daily logs. My program will be my top priority, but beyond that, I will have more to write about there. Those of you who have sent any questions, I will be getting to those soon as well. I appreciate the interest everyone has shown in my Life Inside the Prison Gates

More to come soon.

~J. Doe

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hard Correctional Officer

Written on or around March 25, 2011....

   Everyday we are called by sections of the quad to line up and get clean laundry. We are allowed to have two of each article of clothing, including the ones we are wearing. We are allowed to shower anytime during day room hours from 7:00AM to 9:00PM. It's much harder to concentrate in here since the day room is literally 6 feet from my bunk, making me close enough to be distracted by others wanting to talk, play cards, or whatever else. I want to apologize to all the loyal readers for not having as much to write about. Daily activities aren't quite as organized in here, and I have my freedom to do other things compared to when I was in D.C.I. When I was at D.C.I. I was locked down for 23 hours a day and didn't have many options for things to do. I will still do my best to log the highlights of my time here.

   Also, I want to explain that once I start my Earned Release Program (ERP) next month, I probably will only be writing a few times a week. The program is between 10-12 hours a day, Monday thru Friday, and I will be trying my best to focus on completing it successfully. I want to come home to my family as quickly as possible. 

  Also, there is something I'd like to ask the readers out there for their opinion on. Which would you prefer, that I continue the blog after my release, while on extended supervision, or would you rather I found someone else with more time in prison to continue writing from the “inside”?   Let me know your thoughts...

   Some of the recent highlights in here now... A couple days ago we had a C.O. work in our unit who is a known hard-ass so to speak. On the day he worked, he started the day off by taking someone's radio antenna off the bars in front of the window. Then he told the inmate who had it up there that if he put it back up there he would end up getting a conduct report filed on him. So the inmate jumped off the top bunk and stood with his face less than 4 inches from the C.O.'s and said, “I guess you better get to writing that fucking ticket then.” The C.O. just turned and walked away saying nothing. Mind you, the inmate did stand almost a foot taller than the C.O. too. But when the C.O. walked away, he just went to his station on the raised platform to write a report about this antenna incident. When he finished writing it nearly an hour later, he came down to talk to the inmate about the report he wrote, but didn't even make it halfway to his bunk when everyone in my quad heard a thud. He turned and started running to the other side. When I peeked around the corner, I saw a Puerto Rican guy beating the shit out of some black guy. They each weighed 200+ lbs., so it was hilarious to see the 140# C.O. try to stop the fight. I definitely find myself being distracted much more in here. I'll be going back to D.C.I. in about two weeks, so maybe my logs will become more regular after that.

   I think I'd better send what I have for logs home today so they can be posted. I also want to apologize to anyone who has written me that I haven't written back to yet. I truly am sorry, and I will write back soon, I promise!

Until tomorrow (or sometime soon)...

~J. Doe

Sunday, April 10, 2011

CCI: A Whole Change of Pace

Written on March 18, 2011,

   Well, since coming to CCI things have been interesting to say the least. To begin with, we only order Canteen once every two weeks in here. So we need to make it last! We are limited to $75.00 for our bi-weekly orders. Things are just as reasonably priced as they are at DCI, so that shouldn't be a problem.

   Now I'll admit, if I sound kind of random, it's because I'm over a week behind in writing these logs due to getting moved and it taking a few days to get my property given back to me. So while I was without paper, I was just working on readjusting to my new surroundings, not to mention the people in it. There is a schedule posted near a raised platform with the C.O. sitting on top of it. The schedule shows the optional times to go to Rec. activities or the Library. They vary from week to week, so the time I have to type these logs varies from one time to the next as well. At this location we're allowed to order TVs and radios. The barracks area where us minimum-medium security inmates are located is split into quads. Each quad has a large television for everyone to view during the day when it is a designated day room period. We have these periods periodically throughout the day between meals. Some people have TVs at their bunks, and some people have radios, but a lot of them have both.

   I have much more freedom to do as I please here at CCI. I have a tendency to find myself on the phone much more now, since I can use it whenever there is a phone available. There is a phone list located next to the three phones in the unit and all I have to do is sign my name on the sheet and I will get the next available phone in the order that the names are on the list. Sometimes people don't always honor this, but we are restricted to using the honor system anyway. Also, there are assigned hour-long periods throughout the day that each area of the barracks are allowed to go outside onto a concrete patio area and walk in circles for “exercise” or sit at the benches or picnic style tables and talk and enjoy the fresh air mostly. Since coming to CCI I've also had the chance to finally get started reading the Twilight novels by Stephanie Meyer. My sister recommended them to me prior to coming to prison, so I thought that since CCI has such an abundance of good books, I'd start reading Twilight. I'll have to give it to my sister, because although the Twilight movie was such a chick flick, the book was excellent. I've already finished the first one, and started New Moon.

   I finally got my TV and radio yesterday, so I've got the comfort of watching what I want when I want now. It doesn't sound like much, but that small privilege makes a huge difference to someone with so little control over their life. I also received six letters in two days from family and friends of mine, so I'm slowly but surely trying to get caught up with writing everyone back now too. I don't want to feel like a hypocrite with what I've said in the past about people not writing me, and now that I have some mail coming in, I can't seem to find enough time in my day to get everything done! That sounds so funny to me, for the simple fact that I probably have more free time than anyone else outside of prison could ever dream of having. The only difference is my days are so structured that I can't consistently keep doing something without being interrupted somehow. Now that I have my radio and TV, maybe I can somehow write while listening to the radio and drown out all the surrounding distractions while I write these logs and letters. I really want to keep everyone interested. I'll get into more details about how things work in here soon enough.

Until the next writings...

~J. Doe

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Written on March 10, 2011....

   Well, I woke up this morning, if you can even consider what I had as sleep, and was told to get ready to leave in about 30 minutes. Then I was handed two small cartons of Rice Krispies and two cartons of milk. I ate my “breakfast”, brushed my teeth, and took my linens off my bed. Then I waited...45 minutes later they told me to come out and line up outside the unit with two other inmates who were also leaving. They took us to the Intake Area and put us in 4 holding cells before calling us out one by one in the order we were to be cuffed and shipped out. I am minimum security, so I didn't get shackled like every else. After that, they put us in another holding cell until calling us out in the order we were being dropped off and had us board the bus in that order.

   The bus is a typical Greyhound style bus with bars on the inside of the windows and cages at the front and back to isolate inmates from the Corrections Officers. There is a bathroom on board because you won't be getting off until reaching your receiving prison. If you have to wipe, you just get creative as they say. Luckily we only stopped at Fox Lake Correctional Institution for a short while before getting to my stop at Columbia Correctional Institution.

   After leaving the bus, they brought me inside and put a second set of handcuffs on me before taking off the first set and the belly chains. Then they had me step into a shower/cell, closed the gate, and had me put my hands through the bars to remove the cuffs. Then came the strip search. I removed all my clothes, ran my fingers through my hair, opened my mouth and moved my tongue around, under arms, then turned around for the bottoms of the feet and the ass crack. When they had me get dressed again, it was in different clothes and denim coveralls instead of uniform greens. They re-cuffed me through the bars; this time behind the back. They then brought me out and through a few other doors before removing the cuffs. After that I walked outdoors to the opposite end of the institution grounds. The fresh air was unbelievable!!

   At the end of the sidewalk was a warehouse, or so it looked. I went through an electronically locked gate and inside I was told to go to the right. At a table were my new blankets and sheets. After giving an inmate my sizes, he gave me clean under clothes and a red uniform. I looked like a skinnier version of Santa Clause, but so did everyone else, so I couldn't care less. They gave me a blue rulebook and a bunk number, and I was on my own!

Until tomorrow...


Thursday, April 7, 2011

There's an Old Prison Superstition

Written on March 9, 2011,

   Today started off like any other day in Dodge. After lunch I got ready for Rec. But before I could go, the Sgt. came and told me I couldn't go. I asked why I couldn't go and he told me I was leaving in the morning at 6:00AM so I needed to pack up. A few minutes later he came back with a couple of paper bags to put my belongings into, so I asked him where I was going. He told me CCI (Columbia Correctional Institute) in Portage, WI. So I checked the Blue Book. It's the book showing the details for all prisons and other institutions in WI and it showed that CCI was a maximum-security prison. I'm like, “Great! I ask for minimum and they give me maximum! It's listed that I'm minimum security, so I don't understand.” Well, after a little more asking around, I found out there is a medium-security barracks-style building on the grounds at CCI. It's a temporary holding facility. The Sgt. also told me I am scheduled to come back to Dodge at the beginning of April, then I'm off again to MSDF (Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility) on April 6th. I start my AODA program on April 18th according to my paperwork. So anyhow, I packed up everything I had to take with me. I couldn't bring any open food or hygiene items though. After I packed, I waited for them to come get me so they could go through my things while they box them up and seal the boxes.

   All day long I waited, and even asked the Sgt. a few times if he knew what was going on. He said he'd check into it and made a few phone calls for me, but had no luck. He didn't find out anything. Come 8:00PM he came back to my cell and asked if they had come and packed my stuff yet since he had gone on break. I told him no. He said, “Maybe they will do it in the morning instead.” I just shrugged and said, “I hope so!” Later we did standing count and once they finished shift change, I asked the 3rd shift Sgt. if he knew what was going on with my stuff being packed. He said he didn't know anything, but he did know that nothing would be happening tonight. Well I guess I got my answer then. So I laid back down to read the rest of the book I was reading. I hate not finishing a book. There's an old prison superstition that says “If you don't finish the book you're reading, you'll be back to finish it!” Well needless to say, I don't want to come back to finish it!

   Around 11:30PM the Sgt. Came with a Captain in a white shirt and another Sgt. To pack my things. They had no idea why it hadn't been done, but I knew I was leaving at 6:00AM and it had to be done before I left. They had to handcuff me to let me out of my cell since it was 3rd shift, so I stuck my hands through the trapdoor and they locked 'em on and let me out. We carried my two bags to the back where they had boxes. Each item had to be counted and documented on a packing form. They didn't let me bring my open soap, shampoo, or conditioner. So instead of throwing it out, the Captain said he'd let me bring it back to my cell. He couldn't give me permission to break the rules and give it to another inmate, but he'd allow me to “Forget it in my cell.” After we finished, I signed the form and went back to my cell to finish my book. They took my cuffs back and said they would see me in the morning. I tried reading the rest of my book but my mind kept wandering so I just read the last page of each chapter and got the end of it like that. Then I went to bed.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Training Day 2 - Just About to Get Interesting?

Written on March 8, 2011...

   Today was a training day for the C.O.'s, so I slept and read all day. On training days we are kept locked in our cells all day due to either lack of workers, or because the security of the facility is in question due to the free movement of the Corrections Officers. I had gotten behind in my logs and am trying to get caught up now. Things are about to get interesting in the next few days. You'll see...

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

A Long Mixed Up Worry

Written on March 7, 2011,

   Today when the swamper came around after breakfast reminding everyone of their passes for the day, he told me I had a court call at 1:15PM again. Only this time he said the sheet told him it will be followed by a call from Waukesha County as well. I'm like, “What the fuck? I've never even been to Waukesha County!” He said he didn't know anything about it, he was just reading what the sheet said. So all morning long, during and after Rec we kept coming up with ideas of what it could be. I heard everything from new charges from something I did there (which I knew it wasn't, because, like I said, I've never gone there), to someone suing me, to some girl requesting a paternity test! But none of these made sense, so I spent the majority of the day worrying. When it came time to go, I still didn't have the faintest idea what it was about. When I got to the A & E Office, I asked the Sgt. in charge about it. She said she didn't know anything more than what the sheet told her, and that it said someone from Waukesha County Courts wanted to speak to me. She told me to sit at this bank of phones with another inmate and answer any of the phones if they rang. She didn't know who's call would come on which phone. We sat there reading magazines for almost an hour when the phone in front of me rang. When I answered it, it was for the other guy sitting there. So I handed him the phone, switched seats with him, and went back to my magazine. A few minutes later the other inmate left so I was back to answering them all on my own. At about 2:25PM the phone rang again and I answered it. Once again, it wasn't for me, so I asked the woman to hold while I called the Sgt. over. The Sgt. spoke to the woman on the phone for a short while, took down another inmate's name, and forwarded her to someone else's extension. Then she went back to her desk to track down the missing inmate. While she was doing this another guy from my county came in to be staffed. He had Erin Monroe as a staffing agent just like me, so we talked about what he was hoping to get for staffing and whatnot. He was trying to get work-release just like I was, and ended up getting stuck with AODA Earned Release Program just like me. Doesn't sound like anyone gets work-release anymore... Anyway, they told him to wait by the Sgt.'s desk where I was sitting while they got his bed date set. When they came out, they told him July 18th ; that means he'll go home next January 18th! Inside I was freaking out because Erin told me there were beds available almost immediately, but it would take a day or two to establish one. July 18th is far enough away that I won't even complete the program if I am released under Act 28 guidelines. Having a Class H felony that is non-violent falls under 1 day of “good-time” for every 2 days served. This means I would serve 12 months for my 18 month sentence and be released on November 6th of this year. None of it made any sense as to why they would want me to start a program I won't finish, but I guess we'll see when I get that bed date. Anyhow, while this was all going on, another guy came and sat at the phones with me. I explained that I had answered two calls for other people so far, so the next call was all on him. He asked me who was supposed to call me and I told him they said Waukesha County, but I'd never been there before. Then he said he was from Waukesha County, so it all started making sense. Somehow they got me confused with him for the call. How? I'll never know... We had nothing in common whatsoever. Name, DOC #, age, where we were from...Nothing! About 10 minutes went by, and another woman came out and said there had been a mix-up. She didn't know how, but I had been mistakenly registered to receive the other guy's call and I could now go back to my unit. So, all the worry was over nothing! I got back to my unit and put in my canteen order for the week. After that it was a typical night. Read my book and talked with my cellmate until after 10:00PM when I went to sleep.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Don't Turn Your Back

Written on March 6, 2011

   Today when we went to church, I didn't really know what to expect. I'd never seen this group speak before today. The woman who spoke had a message I think anyone can relate to. The moral of her story was that when we are at our lowest point of our lives, some of us may want to turn our backs on the Lord. But it's at these times we should turn to Him. Also, there was another woman who sang a few songs. She had a great voice and that made her singing that much more enjoyable.

   Other than church, my day was filled with reading my book and napping occasionally. Later in the evening the swamper told me I was scheduled for a court-related phone call at 1:15PM tomorrow. I guess I'll know more then.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

Prison Cell Cooking: Tacos!

Written on March 5, 2011....

   Today I signed up for a phone call at 6:00PM so I can tell my family of the outcome of my staffing yesterday. I slept all morning after breakfast until lunch. Then after lunch my cellmate went to a visit to meet his step-mother. He hadn't met her ever before, apparently. So his Dad and her came today. Unfortunately he missed Rec due to this again. I had to give him shit about it later and told him he'll have to work out twice as hard Monday. LOL!

   The rest of my day was spent reading for the most part. I got a letter and greeting card from my Mom saying this was the first week she hadn't received a letter or call from me and she was worried. After sealing her envelope, she must have gotten my letter, because she wrote, “Just got your letter today” on the back of her envelope. I couldn't wait to call home at that point. I don't like my Mom worrying about me. So at 6:00PM I called home and talked to her for a while about my staffing. She seemed neutral about the whole thing. She is mysterious in that way. You can hardly ever tell how she feels about something and she usually keeps what she thinks to herself, unless you ask. So since I didn't ask, I don't know. We talked about my brother and his job, and my Dad and his ongoing medical problems. The conversation was happily ended by me talking to my favorite nephew, Logan. “Logi Bear” was telling me how he was playing his game on the computer with his Nana. I told him I missed him and loved him, and hoped I could see him soon. He replied likewise and nearly made me cry. I miss him so much!! I ended the call as usual by telling my Mom I loved her and would write or call when I knew more about what was going on.

   For the rest of the night I kept thinking about my nephew and the phone call. Later I made prison-made tacos. I used Raman Noodles, jalapeƱo chips, cheddar cheese, and Cheetos. I mixed them together and added water to cook them. Once I let it sit and it got thick, I split it in thirds. One for the swamper, one for my cellmate, and one for me. We each wrapped ours in flour tortillas, crumpled Doritos over the top, and added hot sauce. It was delicious! I got compliments from both of them, along with others from the unit who could only smell them. After eating, I cleaned up and read my book until after midnight when we shut off the light.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

Monday, April 4, 2011

D-Day - An Unbelievably Gorgeous Tan Skinned Yummm.. ;) What?

Written on March 4, 2011,

   Well it's D-day today. I woke up and started off the day drinking coffee. I wanted to be sure I was awake when they called me down for my staffing. I needed to stay alert and prepared for any questions that may arise throughout this interview. I also went over my Personal Accountability & Goals form to be sure it was filled out the way it should have been. I actually filled out two of these since arriving at Dodge. One before knowing their staffing procedure and one after hearing about the procedure from other inmates. I filled them out until there wasn't any space left to write anything, then added more on an additional sheet of paper also. I just want to be thorough when doing this because I only get one shot. After looking over my paperwork and feeling satisfied with it, I just read my book and waited...

   I went to my meals throughout the day, and did cell cleanup at 2:00PM. Still nothing. Every time the telephone rang down the hall, I'd get this nauseous feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. Over and over again it rang throughout the day, but not for my appointment. Sometime in the afternoon I even commented to my cellmate that along with testing my patience and making me wait this long to be staffed, they're now calling the unit and telling the Sgt. That they're just calling to torture me and will call back in ten more minutes to do it again. I knew this wasn't true, but it sure seemed like it!! Around 3:00PM the Sgt. Finally came to tell me they called for my A & E appointment. So here I was, going to go find out my destiny, or at least what it was for the next fourteen months.

   Once I got to the A & E office I gave the Sgt. Working there my pass. He told me that Erin Monroe's office was around the corner and fourth on my left. What I walked in and saw, I was completely unprepared for! She was an unbelievably gorgeous tan-skinned girl in about her early to mid-twenties, probably Native American. My mind immediately went blank as to the speech I had informally prepared in the back of my mind. I said hello and introduced myself and she introduced herself in return. After asking me to take a seat she asked for my Personal Accountability & Goals form. After I gave it to her, she asked me how I got two copies of it. I told her I requested a second one from her about a month ago as some of my answers differed from right after arriving to then. She copied some things down on another piece of paper, then said I was eligible for the Earned Release Program (ERP) and the Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP). I then went into explaining that I had been told by my attorney and my District Attorney that I would be classified at a minimum security level due to my non-violent criminal history and the level of my current felony status, and that I would be eligible for work-release. She told me that even though I have a history of successful treatment in AODA programs, due to my current offense, she will have to recommend AODA treatment anyway. So, all in all, I got the choice of doing recommended treatment and staying in prison for my whole sentence, or doing treatment in the ERP or CIP programs and going home early. I chose the obvious choice, and signed up for ERP. She said that there should be openings almost immediately, but as soon as she gets a “bed date”at either DACC (Drug and Alcohol Correctional Center) or MSDF (Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility), she will let me know. She estimated having the projected date by Monday, March 7th. So now it's a matter of waiting again.

   I would have liked to have had a chance to pay my student loans off while I was here, but this is the next best thing I suppose. It's only a six-month program too. So after signing some papers and showing me the locations on a state map, she said it was nice meeting me. I told her the pleasure was all mine. Then I was off to my unit again. When I got back the Sgt. gave me my mail. One letter from my douche bag lawyer talking about dropping my appeal on another case of mine, and a letter from a friend back home that I least expected to get one from. I was honestly delighted when I read her letter too. It made me smile a number of times. I'll have to get around to writing her this weekend. But for the majority of the rest of my night, I kept thinking about where I'd end up going, trying to keep in mind all of the benefits to doing the ERP program aside from going home slightly earlier. Besides letting my mind wander and reading my book, I didn't do much of anything else.

Until tomorrow......

~J Doe

Getting Staffed!!??

Written on March 3, 2011....

   Today was mostly uneventful. We had Rec at 8:30AM and I made sure my cellmate came down too. We worked out our arms today, and by the time we got back to the cell he was complaining about how his arms were killing him. I told him to keep stretching and it'll get better. Instead, after we took showers, he decided to take a nap with his arms curled up. When it was time for him to get up for lunch, he jumped off the top bunk and almost screamed when to stretched his arms out! I teased him about it for awhile, only because it wasn't long ago when I did the same thing! After lunch my cellmate had a Psych. Appt. to do a follow-up on his meds. For the rest of the day we did the usual: read, nap, talk, etc. 

  Later in the evening the swamper did ice distribution and then read off everyone's passes for tomorrow. Almost everyone has a Library pass at 8:30AM. Then he came back to my cell and told me I have a “PM Will-Call pass for A & E”. He tells me this everyday though. It means they'll call me down whenever they need me in the PM hours for my Assessment & Evaluation (staffing). I didn't believe it so I said I wasn't even going to get up until he read my DOC# off of it. Once he did, I knew it was true; I'm going to staffing tomorrow!! I can't wait, but I'm nervous, but at the same time I don't think I could be any more prepared than I am now. I'm going to reread my notes for this meeting and try to distract myself by reading before I attempt to get some sleep. Wish me luck! I'm going to need it...

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

Friday, April 1, 2011

"Tomorrow Never Knows"

No, this is not LSD induced. It is has no lyrics like "Turn off your mind, relax and float down the stream..."

This is just to let you know that this person may be mailed anonymously or not, due to your wishes. If you would like to give contact information or get information you can write prison.gates@gmail.com

Also there are feeds on both our major networking sites..
(sorry MySpace, thank you for what you offered, especially to the music community)



Tweets? I don't get them, they limit so many characters people make numerous tweets just to say something.. but it gets update streams..

So, "float down stream....... It is not dying...." Anyways, for all that follow, this adds more ways to follow if you are not already doing so. Also, you can get feeds directly to your phone if you have, say, an Android phone straight from the site!

"That love is all and love is everyone"

More to come tomorrow...

~3rd Party