Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Change Never Hurts

MSDF and those running the E.R.P. were nice enough to allow some of the author's assignments released. They came on a nice 3.5" floppy which is rare to come by these days. It makes me wonder, do the computers have any USB ports? lol. Kidding aside, I think they could take a step forward from 3.5's (considering there is funding available, if not, maybe they should adjust.)

One of his assignments was a personal daily log which works great for the current trend of this blog. The second of the two assignments may be even more interesting than the redundant life that prison can be. The second assignment was an autobiography. I can't remember the minimum length that it had to be but the issue that Jon Doe is, on average, half the age of the others in their group may make more detail to who this person is, where did they come from, and what makes them tick. I have honestly not read a word of it yet though I have known them their entire life.

To keep track of what entry is what (because I am going to mix both the log entries and autobiography between posts but during publication) you can look on the first the first line in Italics to determine.

Thank you all for still following,

~"3rd Person"

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