Saturday, August 20, 2011

You Have an Assignment: READ THIS!

Received on July 8, 2011

  Another assignment for each of us in the ERP is displaying a quote that we find applies to our program. This quote is put on a paper banner and hung up for the whole unit to view for the week. During that time, we also have to write a reason for our choosing of the quote. Following is the one I chose:

I drank for happiness,
   And became unhappy;
I drank for joy,
   And became miserable;
I drank for social ability,
   And became argumentative;
I drank for sophistication,
   And became obnoxious;
I drank for friendship,
   And made enemies;
I drank for sleep,
   And woke up tired;
I drank for strength,
   And felt weak;
I drank for relaxation,
   And got the shakes;
I drank for courage,
   And became afraid;
I drank for confidence,
   And became doubtful;
I drank to make conversation easier,
   And slurred my speech;
I drank to feel heavenly,
   And ended up feeling like hell.

-Author unknown

  The reason I chose to quote this poem is because I believe that any one of us can relate to this. Even if you don't feel as if you have an issue with alcohol, the drinking can be replaced with the use of your drug of choice. I, personally, can see myself in every aspect of this poem at one time or another, and I truly believe that if anyone has EVER used drugs or alcohol in their lifetime, and they have an open mind, they too, will find themselves relating to it also.

Until later.....

~J. Doe

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