Saturday, October 22, 2011

Chapter Fourteen: Nightmare – My Reoccurring Nightmare

Chaper 14 of the Autobiography... Letter N, Nightmare.

Chapter Fourteen
Nightmare – My Reoccurring Nightmare

  When I was young I started having a dream. I was living in my parents’ new house when I would have the dream, but in the dream I was living in the apartment above my grandma’s still. This dream went on for over two and a half years and woke me up every night. In the dream I would awaken in my bunk bed that my brother and I shared. I would get up and walk through the living room noticing all the details of the décor at that time. Then I would pass through the kitchen that was as dated at the rest of the place, and out the back door. Beyond the back door was a second story balcony/patio that sometimes held a table and some chairs. I played on it, under it, and around it all the time when I was a child. In the dream though, I would look over the railing that was located to the side of the patio, at the top of the stairs to the ground level. When I would look over the edge something would cause me to fall over the railing coming close to hitting the ground face first, but I would stop just before hitting it. I didn’t wake up at this time but instead for some reason I never came into contact with the ground. When I turned to look back up, my body would start to levitate higher, with no cause for me to be floating. I would continue up so high that I would be just above the rooftops and the treetops in the area. I would turn my head left and my body would spin left. I would turn my head right and my body would spin right. But the second I looked down I would fall at an unusual speed. Just as I should have come into contact with the ground again I would wake up. Only this time I would wake up in my own bed, alive and awake in real life. 

  The dream would shake me so badly that I was afraid to go back to sleep night after night. It became problematic for me once I started seeing a therapist I described the dream to him and got no solid reasoning for the dream. I got a lot of could be’s over the years of what the cause for the dream “could be”, but I’ve yet to come to any definite understanding of it. I wish there was some kind of explanation for why we have certain dreams and what they mean. There has to be some kind of science to explain why we have some dreams.

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