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Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility

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Mr. John Husz, Warden
1015 North 10th Street
P.O. Box 05740
Milwaukee, WI 53205-0740
FAX 414-212-6811


The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility protects the public by detention, accountability and programming of adult inmates in a safe and secure institution while remaining committed to the goals of successful reintegration to the community.


The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) is a high-rise, medium security correctional facility in downtown Milwaukee. Although it is statutorily an adult institution, MSDF functions in a similar manner to that of a jail operation. Unlike other Department of Corrections institutions, MSDF accepts offenders 24 hours a day, and has an intake booking/objective classification process closely resembling that of a county jail.

The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility was built to meet the specific needs of Probation and Parole, knowing that public safety is best served when a non-compliant offender can be held in secure detention for a period of time pending investigation of an alleged violation. During this time, the alleged violation can be investigated and the offender can be placed into programming, including appropriate treatment. Following this placement, some offenders may return to the community while others may be revoked and sentenced to a period of confinement. The operational philosophy of the facility is unit management – the inmates stay on their assigned floors and services are brought to the housing units on the floors.

The uniqueness of this institution has attracted interest from around the United States. There are very few high rise detention facilities throughout the country. The ones that exist typically do not provide the programming and collaboration with the community that MSDF does; something that the Wisconsin Department of Corrections feels is an important component to offender change and public safety.

The Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility has a capacity of 1,040 felony offenders, with beds designated for male (as well as 42 beds for female) offenders who have been on supervision in the community and are pending investigation of probation or parole violations. There are also 210 beds used to provide Alcohol and Other Drug Addiction (AODA) programming, focusing on Alternatives to Revocation (ATRs). The average stay in the general holding cells is 67 days. The average stay in the AODA ATR program is 3 months.


Additional information on MSDF can be found in their annual reports."
Annual reports and other information can be found on the source page.

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