Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Pablo Carranza: THE Choice in Wisconsin Law

Awaiting new logs due to a few issues directly involved with electronic publishing and another inmate in the Wisconsin Prison System, I would like to introduce to you a friend and attorney here in Wisconsin. This is not spam... it is directly related, a childhood friend, a defense attorney, a DUI attorney (remember, this blog is of a person on their felony DUI,) practicing in the same originating area of this originating mess... Immigration/Deportation and of course bilingual in the mix. Far from spam kids. Read on ;) Even the down time of this blog is going to stay alive.

You can view his current site at:

Pablo Carranza | Attorney at Law, LLC

1 Parker Place, Suite 303

Janesville, Wisconsin


(608) 305-4455

If you want to just want to see who this guy really is and see what he can do go to http://pcatty.com/about/ and I am sure you will be impressed, I know I have been all through his progress.

Thank You All For Viewing! KEEP FOLLOWING! There is more to come...

~ “3rd Party”

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