Monday, April 4, 2011

D-Day - An Unbelievably Gorgeous Tan Skinned Yummm.. ;) What?

Written on March 4, 2011,

   Well it's D-day today. I woke up and started off the day drinking coffee. I wanted to be sure I was awake when they called me down for my staffing. I needed to stay alert and prepared for any questions that may arise throughout this interview. I also went over my Personal Accountability & Goals form to be sure it was filled out the way it should have been. I actually filled out two of these since arriving at Dodge. One before knowing their staffing procedure and one after hearing about the procedure from other inmates. I filled them out until there wasn't any space left to write anything, then added more on an additional sheet of paper also. I just want to be thorough when doing this because I only get one shot. After looking over my paperwork and feeling satisfied with it, I just read my book and waited...

   I went to my meals throughout the day, and did cell cleanup at 2:00PM. Still nothing. Every time the telephone rang down the hall, I'd get this nauseous feeling deep in the pit of my stomach. Over and over again it rang throughout the day, but not for my appointment. Sometime in the afternoon I even commented to my cellmate that along with testing my patience and making me wait this long to be staffed, they're now calling the unit and telling the Sgt. That they're just calling to torture me and will call back in ten more minutes to do it again. I knew this wasn't true, but it sure seemed like it!! Around 3:00PM the Sgt. Finally came to tell me they called for my A & E appointment. So here I was, going to go find out my destiny, or at least what it was for the next fourteen months.

   Once I got to the A & E office I gave the Sgt. Working there my pass. He told me that Erin Monroe's office was around the corner and fourth on my left. What I walked in and saw, I was completely unprepared for! She was an unbelievably gorgeous tan-skinned girl in about her early to mid-twenties, probably Native American. My mind immediately went blank as to the speech I had informally prepared in the back of my mind. I said hello and introduced myself and she introduced herself in return. After asking me to take a seat she asked for my Personal Accountability & Goals form. After I gave it to her, she asked me how I got two copies of it. I told her I requested a second one from her about a month ago as some of my answers differed from right after arriving to then. She copied some things down on another piece of paper, then said I was eligible for the Earned Release Program (ERP) and the Challenge Incarceration Program (CIP). I then went into explaining that I had been told by my attorney and my District Attorney that I would be classified at a minimum security level due to my non-violent criminal history and the level of my current felony status, and that I would be eligible for work-release. She told me that even though I have a history of successful treatment in AODA programs, due to my current offense, she will have to recommend AODA treatment anyway. So, all in all, I got the choice of doing recommended treatment and staying in prison for my whole sentence, or doing treatment in the ERP or CIP programs and going home early. I chose the obvious choice, and signed up for ERP. She said that there should be openings almost immediately, but as soon as she gets a “bed date”at either DACC (Drug and Alcohol Correctional Center) or MSDF (Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility), she will let me know. She estimated having the projected date by Monday, March 7th. So now it's a matter of waiting again.

   I would have liked to have had a chance to pay my student loans off while I was here, but this is the next best thing I suppose. It's only a six-month program too. So after signing some papers and showing me the locations on a state map, she said it was nice meeting me. I told her the pleasure was all mine. Then I was off to my unit again. When I got back the Sgt. gave me my mail. One letter from my douche bag lawyer talking about dropping my appeal on another case of mine, and a letter from a friend back home that I least expected to get one from. I was honestly delighted when I read her letter too. It made me smile a number of times. I'll have to get around to writing her this weekend. But for the majority of the rest of my night, I kept thinking about where I'd end up going, trying to keep in mind all of the benefits to doing the ERP program aside from going home slightly earlier. Besides letting my mind wander and reading my book, I didn't do much of anything else.

Until tomorrow......

~J Doe

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