Tuesday, April 19, 2011

While We Wait..

Currently we are awaiting new logs. This is being held up by staffing, property transfer, etc. For those who all do not know "J. Doe" is currently in Milwaukee, WI which is his permanent staffing location.

Something was recently shared on the facebook account. I figured it was quite fitting to share on here during the wait. I gave it a little time to gain some comments (the few it did before posting.)


Thank You Laney for the contribution.

One thing I really noticed was in the comments to the article.

"FOLLOW THE MONEY. Who profits from failed criminal justice and horrifically overcrowded prisons that are bankrupting states across the nation?

District attorneys and prosecutors who are promoted for winning cases and harsh sentences at any cost;
Tough-on-crime scare tactic politicians hoping for votes;
Guard employee unions;
For-profit-contract-bed-privatized-corporation prisons;
Parole department in California where everyone released is on parole;
Three strikes law that sends people to prison for 25+ years over petty crimes like stealing a pizza;
The bail bond industry that benefits from unnecessary criminal justice practices that increase incarceration;
Rigged line-ups that get faulty convictions and promote detectives;
Requirement to check prior-arrest/conviction boxes on employment, government,
and rental applications for those who have been crime-free for years;
The list goes on….."

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