Saturday, April 9, 2011


Written on March 10, 2011....

   Well, I woke up this morning, if you can even consider what I had as sleep, and was told to get ready to leave in about 30 minutes. Then I was handed two small cartons of Rice Krispies and two cartons of milk. I ate my “breakfast”, brushed my teeth, and took my linens off my bed. Then I waited...45 minutes later they told me to come out and line up outside the unit with two other inmates who were also leaving. They took us to the Intake Area and put us in 4 holding cells before calling us out one by one in the order we were to be cuffed and shipped out. I am minimum security, so I didn't get shackled like every else. After that, they put us in another holding cell until calling us out in the order we were being dropped off and had us board the bus in that order.

   The bus is a typical Greyhound style bus with bars on the inside of the windows and cages at the front and back to isolate inmates from the Corrections Officers. There is a bathroom on board because you won't be getting off until reaching your receiving prison. If you have to wipe, you just get creative as they say. Luckily we only stopped at Fox Lake Correctional Institution for a short while before getting to my stop at Columbia Correctional Institution.

   After leaving the bus, they brought me inside and put a second set of handcuffs on me before taking off the first set and the belly chains. Then they had me step into a shower/cell, closed the gate, and had me put my hands through the bars to remove the cuffs. Then came the strip search. I removed all my clothes, ran my fingers through my hair, opened my mouth and moved my tongue around, under arms, then turned around for the bottoms of the feet and the ass crack. When they had me get dressed again, it was in different clothes and denim coveralls instead of uniform greens. They re-cuffed me through the bars; this time behind the back. They then brought me out and through a few other doors before removing the cuffs. After that I walked outdoors to the opposite end of the institution grounds. The fresh air was unbelievable!!

   At the end of the sidewalk was a warehouse, or so it looked. I went through an electronically locked gate and inside I was told to go to the right. At a table were my new blankets and sheets. After giving an inmate my sizes, he gave me clean under clothes and a red uniform. I looked like a skinnier version of Santa Clause, but so did everyone else, so I couldn't care less. They gave me a blue rulebook and a bunk number, and I was on my own!

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