Friday, February 18, 2011

Being Gay is Contagious?

Written on Wednesday, January 26, 2011...

  It's been a typical day for the most part.  I signed up to be a swamper, so when our swamper leaves, maybe I can get the position.  It's nothing special really, but it helps pass time and I'm sure it can't hurt for when I get staffed.

  I forgot to mention, I received a visitation list yesterday.  This one included my sister.  So now, both my Mom, Dad and sister are on it.  Maybe they'll come visit this weekend.

  For some reason I was really tired today and managed to fall back asleep after breakfast and sleep until lunch.  After lunch I read for a while and then we did clean-up around 2:00 PM.  The C.O. working 2nd shift today isn't a usual unit worker.  So, he felt the need to do cell inspections during clean up and took our chip bags that my cellmate and I use to cook noodles in.

  Fifteen minutes after clean-up was Rec. from 2:30 PM to 3:20 PM.  While we were at Rec., our other C.O. decided to full cell searches.  They tore our bunks apart and searched our property lockers.  They took anything they felt was unauthorized property.  Including my paper bag I kept all my paperwork in and the salt packets the nurse gave me.  The bag was gone, but I showed them my paperwork from the H.S.U. for the salt and tylenol that the nurse gave me for my swollen tonsils a few weeks ago, so they gave they gave the salt packets back.  Later, I noticed they also took my empty peanut butter jar I used to mix my powdered milk in.  They can keep it, it's not worth the argument.

  At dinner a whole bunch of people were giving the swamper shit because he got a cellmate earlier.  Since his his cell only has one bunk the new cellmate has to sleep on a mat on the floor for now.  They were messing with him because the new cellmate is quite feminine, if not openly gay.  I think I might be one of the few people in here who is straight and has gay friends.  They act as if it's contagious.  I'm not going to get on that subject right now.  The last time I did, I argued with my cellmate for nearly two hours before giving up due to frustration.

~J. Doe

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