Friday, February 4, 2011

("hello, world")

I am the "3rd party." I plan to post in this blog as little as possible but I also felt the need to at least introduce myself... as little as an introduction of another anonymous person does. As it has been said in the description, names of people in this blog will all be changed for everyone's safety and well being. If you do not think this is necessary then maybe you should follow this blog for that fact alone and feel free to share any feedback. For those who understand the necessity then you too are more than welcome to follow and give your own feedback as well.

The first entries of this blog will go back a bit as we try to catch up. I hope this does not get too confusing.

I offered to write this for a few reasons but one thing that really stuck in my mind is that maybe, with this blog to look back on, the true author can grow from it. In addition I hope it can keep others, if only one, from following a path that will put yourself in the same situation.

I'll add that others also mentioned that just writing this while in the prison system will be therapeutic. I agree for a few reasons but one that comes to mind is how it is commonly said that jail and prison systems breed criminals. I have to agree with this to a point. Think about it, you throw a bunch of people convicted of crimes together to... well... basically hang out for days on end. What do they have to do? Probably talk crime.

Well let this blog breed a different breed. Let it be therapeutic. Let it lead the author and others on a different path.

~ "3rd Party"

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