Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Santa, the swamper, Bible study and 'Big Bubba' in the shower!

Writings of Tuesday, January 25, 2011

  Today during 6 AM head count , "Santa Clause", our usual first shift C.O., was doing his usual B.S.  Someone didn't wake up when he yelled 'standing count' so when he came to their cell door he decided to kick on it and yell at them to get their asses up for head count.  It's all fun and games until someone with a life sentence jumps or stabs him for scaring them half to death.

  After breakfast the swamper came around to make the Rec. list and both my cellmate and I signed up.  Rec is from 8:30 AM until 9:20 AM today.  The swamper also let me know I had Bible study in the West Chapel at 9:30 AM.  I'm going to have to rush down there since the building surrounds a half mile long hallway and the West Chapel is at the other end of it from here...

  Bible study was honestly quite enjoyable.  The Chaplain definitely knew how to apply the Bible study to the current real life situations letting everyone relate to it that much more.

  Afterwords I came back to my cell and got ready for showers since they had already started them.  For the record, 99% of the showers in the prison are NOT like they show in the movies.  We each have our own stall with a shower curtain and there isn't some guy named 'Big Bubba' hovering over you trying to take your manhood.  I'm not saying it hasn't ever happened to someone but, if it has, it was likely consensual.  Anyhow, we get 5 mins to shower.  So, get in, lather up, rinse off... no time to enjoy the hot water.

~J. Doe

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