Sunday, February 6, 2011

Cellmates and Standing Count

Still continuing from the writings of January 22, 2011

  After breakfast this morning the swamper didn't come by since Rec wasn't until 12:30 this afternoon.  I went back to sleep until just before 11:00 AM when my body's natural clock told my ass to get up and get ready for lunch.  So I sat up, slipped on my shoes and made a fresh cup of instant coffee just as the C.O. made his rounds to unlock the doors prior to lunch.

  After slamming my lukewarm cup of coffee the C.O. yelled, "Seven! Chow!"  Then it's back to the chow hall for lunch.  For lunch we had a slice of ham, a roll, pineapples, sweet potatoes, black eyed peas and your choice of either a carton of milk or a glass of kool-aid. Pretty good by prison standards in my opinion.  After being rushed out of the chow hall and getting back to the unit we got locked in our cell.

  I tried to read my book but I kept getting interrupted by my cellmate rapping and trying to talk to me so I gave up.  After sitting around for a while listening to him rap about shit he won't ever have I get ready for Rec.  I take off the regular boot looking shoes, switch the pants out for some shorts and throw on the Chuck Taylor's (some generic converse all-stars.)  These are the only shoes allowed in the Rec yard.

  I finish getting ready in time for a quick cup of java and the C.O. yelling "Seven! Standing count!"  Then it's the same process as at 6 AM only we get held up because my cellmate is talking.  The C.O. yelled at us about talking during standing count.  How he gets distracted, forgets what the count is, has to start over and even forgets to unlock people's doors for Rec (his way of threatening to take our Rec) and makes everyone stand longer all because my cellie doesn't know when to shut up.  Luckily the C.O. recognizes it wasn't both of us and still unlocks our door.

~J. Doe

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