Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A Clean shower with a Dirty Outcome! !

Still continuing with the January 22, 2011 writings.....

  Now it is 1:30 PM and time for showers. They start us out one cell at a time.  We get clean clothes, towel and washcloth.  They go through the rotation today starting at cell 1 and finishing with Cell 15 since 16 is the swamper and he gets a shower whenever he wants.  Today there was a slight change of plans.  Cell 13 finished their shower and apparently one of them left their dirty clothes in the shower area so the swamper told him to pick his shit up.  Well, the guy who left his things in there told the C.O. to let him back out so he could take his dirty towel down to the dirty clothes bin and pick his things up.

  As soon as the C.O. unlocked this guy's cell the guy started yelling, "Yeah bitch ass motherfucker, talk shit now! I'll beat your motherfuckin' ass you punk ass bitch!"  All this while he is walking down the hall towards the swamper.  Then he chased the swamper into the linen closet threatening to 'beat the swamper's ass.'  Next, he left the linen closet, picked up his dirty towel, went back and threw it in the swampers face yelling, "You're lucky I don't beat your motherfuckin' ass you punk ass bitch!"  Then he went back to his cell and the C.O. locked him back in.  About 3 minutes later this same guy somehow popped his trapdoor open and started yelling again. "You punk ass bitch ass motherfucker!  Talk that shit now you racist bitch!  You Italian motherfucker! W.O.P motherfucker!"  Then the C.O. came to his door and told him to back up so he could close his trapdoor.  Instead he stuck his arm out of the trap and said "You ain't closin' shit!"  So then the C.O. called the 'White Shirts' (higher ranking officers) to take care of him.

  When the White Shirts showed up things went downhill fast.  First, they asked what the problem was.  The guy replied "The problem is the punk ass swamper dude was talking shit!  He needs to get fired!"  The White Shirt told him that he can't be in the same unit as the swamper now and they'd have to move him.  He said, "I don't give a fuck about going to no hole!"  The White shirt started, "Well you're going to have to back away from the door and place your hands through...." But, before the White Shirt could finish, the guy stuck his arm out making the White Shirt jump back. 

  The White Shirt now says, "No! Step back now and take your chair, bring it to the door and set it down facing away from the door.  Then I want you to sit down in it facing away from the door too.  Then place your hands on the back of your head interlocking your fingers."

  "What? Are you scared or something?" the guy says.

  "No, I'm not scared," the White Shirt says, "but you are not being cooperative."

  "Oh, I'll cooperate for you" the guy said.

  When the guy was still standing he backed up to his door.  The White Shirts handcuffed him behind his back and then he started struggling with them so they slammed him down on his head.  "Stop resisting!  Are you going to cooperate and walk or are we going to have to get the chair!??" one White Shirt said.

  "Yeah motherfucker, I'm gonna motherfuckin' walk," the guy replied.  Then the guy said, "and when I see that motherfuckin' swamper I'm gonna spit in his motherfuckin' face!"

  So then the White Shirt got on his radio and requested for "one spit mask and the chair over here."  A minute later another C.O. wheeled in the restraint chair.  Then they picked him up off the floor and forced him into the chair.  He struggled the whole time they were trying to secure the straps.  Then he started shaking his head around wildly.  One of the White Shirts had to 'secure his head' apparently by putting him in a rear naked choke hold.  When he stopped choking the guy thirty seconds later they slipped the spit mask over his head holding his jaw closed and covering his face so he couldn't spit on anyone.  The White Shirt got on his radio again to "clear the hallway" and wheeled him out.

  Pretty interesting stuff if you ask me.  It comes to show you one thing, disobeying direct orders and being combative only gets you one thing, extra time in solitary confinement.  You can't possibly win here and if by some wild chance you did you'll never get away with it.  So really, what's the point?

  Anyhow, after the incident was over, the C.O. just unlocked our cell doors and called us out for chow like nothing had happened.  Just another day at DCI, right?....

~J. Doe.

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