Wednesday, February 23, 2011

One Step Closer...

...more writings from January 27, 2011

  Later, after chow, I sat here reading some magazines I picked up in the library.  Once 5:30 PM head count was finished the swamper came and asked if I knew how to fold laundry.  By chance, I was a laundry trustee at Rock County Jail last year for a couple of months.  Long enough to learn how to fold a lot of laundry fast.  So, the C.O. came and let me out of my cell to fold laundry.  Both the C.O. and the swamper said if I work out they'll let me out to help every night.  I get to listen to the radio while doing something active.  It passes time much faster.  Not to mention, it's one step closer to becoming the next swamper too.

  I helped him until 8:45 PM when we have to lock down for shift change, head count and lights out.  I made some noodles quick for a snack and laid down to read after head count.  Of course my damn cellmate slept most of the day so he decided to stay up most of the night doing God-knows-what.  Sometimes, I just want to slap the shit out of him, but, I remind myself that I only have fifteen months to go... and he should be leaving next week.

~J. Doe

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