Friday, February 25, 2011

Many Slurs... Much of Racism.

Written on Friday, January 28. 2011,

   I woke up exhausted today. I tossed and turned all night because my cellmate didn't turn off the lights until about 3:00 AM. Now he wants to talk at 6:30 AM. What the fuck?! I just want some sleep!!...

   I got some sleep before the swamper came around doing linen exchange (sheets and pillow case.) I made my bed nice and neat and went to lunch. After lunch my cellmate got yelled at by our C.O. for messing around in the hall, talking to other inmates and trying to pass something. After checking his file and seeing he has had prior incident summaries, she decided to write him up. Too bad he only got his Rec period taken for five days, now I get to deal with him working out in here instead. Not to mention, he'll sleep during the day more, keep me up more and plain out piss me off more. Oh yeah, there isn't even five Recs before he's leaving so he got off easy. Now he's reading aloud while I'm writing. I wonder if I hit him in the mouth, just once, if I could get away with it? I might find out soon enough.

   Now it's cell clean up time and of course my cellmate got yelled at for trying to talk to the guy across the hall. Then, when the C.O. shut and locked the door, he sat at the trap door talking shit about her. I doubt he'll ever learn. I'm going to try to read my book until dinner. I don't think there is any mail today because it's a staff furlough day.

   I guess I was wrong. Mail was just delivered, but I of course didn't get any. I forgot to write yesterday that I got a letter from my Mom and Dad. Without them I don't know where I would be. Probably dead. But still, no mail from any of my friends.

   Tonight my cellmate was being disrespectful to the swamper, calling him “cracker” and “child molester.” Finally the swamper snapped and told my cellmate he was “an ignorant fucking nigger.” Well, needless to say, this set my cellmate off. He was yelling out the door about “Fuck this boot camp! I'm gonna beat that nigga's ass in the mornin'!” Apparently the swamper's daughter was raped when she was thirteen, so he didn't take well to the child molester comment too well. It took about an hour before the two of them decided to drop the whole thing. The C.O. Let me come out and play cribbage with the swamper for an hour and a half. Then we locked down for the night. I made some noodles and kool-aid. Now I'm going to lay down, read my book and hopefully get some sleep. Until tomorrow....

~J. Doe

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