Monday, February 14, 2011

Nervous About My Assessment and Evaluation Then We Throw A Staple Into the Mix!

..continuing from the writings of January 24, 2011

  I went to chow for dinner and had meat loaf, a bun, sweet corn, baked potato and sliced peaches.  At dinner a guy sitting at my table said he went to his P.R.C. (Program Review Committee) and got staffed today.  I asked him what he got staffed as and he told me, he got staffed as medium and will have to do 6 months before he can be reevaluated and go to minimum.  This is making me nervous now, since I've been told all this time, by all sorts of people, that I'd for sure go to a minimum.

  I'm currently serving an eighteen month prison sentence followed by twenty four months of extended supervision for felony OWI (5th offense.)  Now don't think anywhere here that I may be minimizing or glamorizing over the seriousness of my offense.  I just want the facts to be known.  I understand completely that I could have injured or killed someone when I was driving under the influence of alcohol.  That, I won't dispute for one moment.  But this is a factor in my case.  The reason I had my heart set on going to minimum with work release is because of the nature of my offense and my criminal history having no violent content whatsoever.  My attorney, along with a number of people along the way, all have been telling me I will go to work release in minimum.  While I was in Rock County Jail waiting to be transported to Dodge Correctional Institute (D.C.I) to start my Assessment and Evaluation (A&E), I received a notice at home that my student loans were now due and that if I defaulted on them I would no longer be available to receive any student loans or grants to attend college and finish getting my degree when I get out.  Right now I am really hoping and praying that I get staffed to minimum with work release so I can pay off my loans while I'm incarcerated, get my foot in the door at a job that I could grow from and go back to school and finish getting my degree so I can start my career.  That would play a huge part in preventing me from drinking or re-offending. The majority of my stresses are due to financial problems so starting into a career that I enjoy could ease a great deal of that stress.  The only thing to do now is keep on praying and wait I suppose.

  They passed out canteen order forms after dinner today.  We typically order on Monday and receive our order on Tuesday in Unit 7.  While on A&E status I am only allowed to order $20.00 weekly.  So, I put in am order for some coffee, Ramen Noodles, cereal, a couple of bags of chips, shampoo and conditioner and some more envelopes to write home and to keep mailing my logs to be posted.  This could get expensive!

  Well, after filling out my canteen order form and signing my funds distribution form I pulled a staple out of last week's form and stuck it into the papers and bent it into place.  I then slid it under the doorway.  The swamper then took it up to the C.O. who only a moment later came to investigate how we managed to staple our canteen slips.  I told him how I did it and he just replied "Really!?"  He was either surprised or didn't believe us so he walked away and asked the swamper if he knew how to staple papers like that.  The swamper just said, "No because I just usually use a stapler."  So, the C.O. came back and opened the door and said, "Put your chairs in the hall, I need to search your cell because I could never forgive myself if you really had a stapler and I didn't look."  Oh well I figured.  I didn't have anything to hide.  So, I got patted down and sat on my chair in the hall with my cellmate while he dug around in the cell, looked under the mattresses and looked in our property box.  Of course there wasn't any stapler.  What the hell would I want with a stapler?  Anyhow, no contraband in here.  That pretty much sums up the day for now.  Off to bed, I'm sure there will be more tomorrow.

~J. Doe


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