Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dropping a Duece and Being Compassionate Towards Others.

...continuing from the writings of January 25, 2011

  Lunch time came before I could shower so I'm first after lunch.  I get a clean towel, wash cloth, underwear, t-shirt, socks and pants.  After showers we had head count and my cellmate got yelled at again for talking.  Then, I laid down, read a chapter in my book and took a short nap.

  I woke up around 2:00 PM and had to use the toilet (#2.)  So, I took a blanket and hung it on the end if the bunk to block the toilet from my cellmate.  Then I tied the sheet to the corner of the bunk and the other edge of the door to block the toilet from anyone looking in the door.  Next, I climb inside to handle my business, always remembering to flush once when I drop one.  It keeps the smell down.  When I was done I couldn't help but notice the 2nd shift C.O. was passing out mail but he conveniently passed my cell since neither my cellmate or I had any AGAIN today!

  Next was canteen distribution, nothing special.  Check your bag to be sure everything you ordered is in it and if it isn't all there you can refuse the whole order until next week or live with it.  Most will just live with it instead of not getting anything.  Sign your receipt and get your Inmate I.D. stamped on any envelopes you bought.

  Afterwards, I just played solitaire for an hour or so, at least until dinner.

  I tossed a bag of chips to the kid across the hall when we left to chow.  (As we have been told previously, sharing is now a no no. ~ 3rd party)  His family hasn't sent him anything so I figure $0.58 for some chips is the least I can do. 

  After chow I had some Ramen Noodles and chips to finish filling me up.  The swamper just came around filling up everyone's glass with ice so that's my cue to wrap this up and lay down while I read some more of my book.  I hope this is as interesting to everyone reading this as it's been for me logging it.

  Until tomorrow....

~J. Doe

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