Friday, February 18, 2011

Exploited Artist? or a Bogus Cellmate?

...a bit more written on Wednesday, January 26, 2011...

  They passed out mail after cell clean-up earlier, didn't get any and honestly didn't expect any either.  I suppose one day when I get something I'll enjoy it that much more due to the surprise involved.  I signed up for a phone call at 7:15 PM.  We only get one per week on A&E status.  Hopefully they have some good news at home... Until then, I am going to cook some noodles and have a cup of coffee.

  Well, while my noodles were cooking and I was standing at my sink having a cup off coffee both of the 2nd Shift C.O.s came to my door and opened our cell door.

  I looked at them and said, "What's up?"

  They replied with "I don't know, you tell me, you spoke first."  I stood there silent wondering what this was all about.  Then they said they were looking for an artist.

  I said "Huh?

  They repeated, "We're looking for an artist, someone who is good at art and can draw."

  So, I turned and asked if they meant the writing and drawing on the wall.  They said that's what they were talking about and wanted to know if I had anything to do with it.  I said, "That was all here before I got here."

  But, of course, they replied saying "No it wasn't, we document any sort of that stuff and there isn't anything about that.  So, how about we get you boys some cleaning supplies and you two can scrub that off so we don't have to document this as being yours."

  Sounded good to me, I sat here and watched my cellmate clean the walls while I wrote about it.  Like I said, I didn't do it, I'm not cleaning it up.  My cellmate didn't dispute this for obvious reasons.  Now he's in the hall scrubbing doors, working his way down the hall.  Doing his best to save face in front of his boys, telling them, "I'm just cleaning for something to do"  I swear, I don't think he's stopped lying since he started to talk.

~J. Doe

I said, "I can't draw without a pencil."  My cellmate opted to tell

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