Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Typical Day? Who Knows?

Written on Thursday, January 27, 2011

  Today has been a typical day so far.  After breakfast the swamper came and told my cellmate and I that we had library passes for 2:30 PM and put us down on the list for Rec.  When I went to Rec. today, one of the usual guys I work out with wasn't there, but his cellmate was, so he motivated me and pushed me to an extreme.  I felt like I was about to pass out, but he said I worked harder today than he's seen the whole time we've been working out.  I'm glad.  I should see some serious progress if I keep it up!

  After Rec. we had showers, but since my cellmate wanted to be loud, we showered last.  He's always doing something that I end up getting punished for so the swamper is working on switching my cellmate for someone else.  He said, "G-Class confidential movement in progress."  LOL!  (Basically this swamper is referring to "G-Class" as "gangsta class" or "G" shortened for those a little lost)

  When I came back from lunch I couldn't find my cellmate.  I was kind of curious where he went.  Apparently, he was being loud in the chow line saying, "Niggas ain't fuckin' wit' me!" and a C.O. pulled him to the side and said they were going to write him up.

  He said, "Go ahead, I'll fight it."

  So, the C.O. sat him at one of the front tables and had a Captain (White Shirt) come talk to him.  He walked away with a verbal warning and they told him to watch who he's saying that around, some people get offended by it.

  Now I plan to read until head count and then until 2:30 PM when we go to the library.

~J. Doe

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