Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rec time and weights.

  ...more from the writings of January 22, 2011

  When we usually come out and pass the C.O. at the front of the unit we're supposed to tell the C.O. our cell number and upper (A) or lower (B) bunk and we can continue our walk to the Rec. yard.  Only today, the C.O. (Santa Clause) either thinks he's funny or is having a power trip because he's making everyone pull their socks up, which isn't a huge ordeal but it's not part of the dress code.  Either way, if you want Rec you have to do it today.

  The Rec yard is about a hundred yards down the hall and like usual, we get there first.  I take advantage of this by getting on the weight lifting machine I want to use.  When upstairs, I usually get to work on my upper body (shoulders, arms, chest, abs and wings.)  For the most part the people working out keep their same routine too.  We rotate through everyone trying to use the same machine and keep each other motivated.  Pushing each other to push harder and lift more.  The 50 minute Rec. period seems to be over in no time at all.  Then it's back to the unit, locked back in our cells.

~J. Doe

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