Friday, September 23, 2011

Bombarded By Some Quite Disturbing News

Journal entry....

Day 12

  Today I was bombarded by some quite disturbing news. I found out my Dad is going to need another back surgery. This makes me nervous enough as it is. I’m scared for him. It only seems like he gets worse after every surgery. Not only did they tell me this, but they also found out he’ll need to see a Vasculatory Surgeon prior to having the back surgery. Apparently his legs are swollen, turning black, and he can’t feel his feet. No one seems to know why, but they need to get it fixed before they can operate on his back. I know this would be happening regardless if I were out there or not, but it reminds me that my Dad is doing things at home that he shouldn’t be and wouldn’t have to if I were home to do it for him. I feel partially responsible for his condition. Not to mention, I wasn’t told about his condition willingly, I had to ask how he was doing before they said anything. I feel like they don’t tell me a lot when I’m locked up. Like I need to ask specific question to get answers.

(Counselor note – How old is your Dad?)

~ J. Doe

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