Wednesday, September 21, 2011

My T.V. is BACK!!!

Journal entry....

Day 5

  After speaking to my mother on the phone I was quite relieved to find out that my T.V. could still be exchanged after it is tested by someone at the distributor. I was given contact information to have forwarded to the Property Officer to arrange for it to be picked up. I spoke with the unit officer who told me to write the info onto an interview request form and that it would be a while before anything would likely happen. I’m okay with that. Today I spent a short while making a list of possible subjects for my autobiography chapters. I feel slightly overwhelmed with all of the writing I have to do between writing back family and friends who have written me, daily assignments, and our ever-extensive autobiography. Not to mention I signed up to start my nine week employment module to start next Tuesday. I hope things begin to fall into place soon.

~J. Doe

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