Thursday, September 29, 2011

Just trying to be Honest...

Journal entry...

Day 22

  Today I felt like I was sort of put on the spot for being open and honest about how I felt about marijuana and cross addiction. I’m just trying to stay honest so I can get the most out of this. I still get the feeling that some others disagreed to “play the program game” so-to-speak. I think that some others say what they say, just so they can complete the program. I’m still trying to be open to others’ input while staying honest with myself. The comment my social worker made about moving to where it’s legal got me thinking again. I just don’t know where to start to plan to relocate out of state while on Extended Supervision. A relocation may be in order anyway because I don’t think getting my license is even an option for another five years. I feel so overwhelmed.

(Counselor note - If you don’t accept the principle that is your choice, but it will also mean consequences)

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