Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Optimistic... But my T.V. !!!!!

Journal entry...
Day 4

  I’m starting to feel a little more optimistic today as I’m getting used to the daily routine. Although I didn’t do as well on today’s pretest as I expected to, I still feel good knowing that I know a lot of the things I was taught in the past AODA programs I’ve completed. This afternoon I found myself quite angry and frustrated. After arriving at MSDF I found my T.V. to be slightly malfunctioning. There was ¼ of the screen that was a slightly different color that the rest of the screen. This afternoon I turned on my T.V. only to find this area to be bright white and unviewable now. So, my T.V. that is one month old, is defective. After checking my paperwork I found it could be exchanged for sixty days, but only if it hadn’t been engraved. So the DOC engraved mine with my DOC number before I even received it and they were the ones handling it’s transportation. Now I’m angry as hell because my T.V. that cost me $210 is screwed up while under someone else’s care and I don’t think there is anything I can do about it. The DOC should reimburse me for the cost of it in my opinion.

(Counselor Note - See me regarding this.)

~J. Doe

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