Friday, September 23, 2011

The Hard Way

Journal entry....

Day 6

  I’ve talked about this with my family and friends a few times since being locked up. I’m really afraid to go home. Not “home” per-say, but outside of prison in general. I’m afraid of freedom I guess you could say. I’m afraid that although I feel as confident as I do that I’ve changed, I could be wrong. I’m afraid that after all this hard work and time in prison, that I’ll come across some hurdle that I wasn’t prepared for. Only to screw up and come right back to prison, or worse. I’m also afraid that my punishment for this crime isn’t going to be over yet when I leave. That I’ll have some judgmental P.O. who wants to ride me so hard that I fall apart. In my experiences I haven’t found many of them that believe in alternative means of rehabilitation rather than incarceration. I guess I will have to find out the hard way.

(Counselor Note - Nice entries!)
~J. Doe

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