Saturday, September 24, 2011

Chapter Five: Expelled – My Last Day In High School

Chapter Five of the Autobiography...  Letter E, Expelled.

Chapter Five
Expelled – My Last Day In High School

It was my last day in High School and I never even expected it. I was in my science class listening to the teacher speaking when the school liaison officer showed up to my class to get me. He told me when we got into the hallway that my probation officer was there to see me about something. This wasn’t unusual for me at this time. I was actually on corrective sanctions, from an early release from Ethan Allen School, but it’s basically the same thing. I was on an electronic monitor to make sure I was home by 5:30PM everyday during the school week and my corrective sanctions officer would come to see me at school almost every single day of the school week as well. 

When I got the Principle’s office to see her, she was in my Assistant Principle’s personal office talking to him and another very large man. When I came inside she asked me if I had skipped any classes lately and I told her I hadn’t. Then she explained that the day before I had missed three class periods. What happened was the day before I had gotten sick in school and they notified my parents to allow me to go home from school early, but they also needed permission from my corrective sanctions officer before they could allow me to go home. When they talked to her she said I had to tough it out and stay in school that day. Well, I didn’t think I was going to be able to do that so I left the nurse’s office and went out to my Jeep and laid down in the backseat and went to sleep for a couple of class periods. When I woke up I was feeling better so I went back to finish the rest of my school day. Well these class periods that I missed were the ones she was talking about me skipping. So when she finished explaining to me that I had missed them the day before her coming to see me, she then told me they were there to escort me back to Ethan Allen School for a weekend sanction. She said I could bring my homework with me and work on it over the weekend, but they needed to search my backpack before they put it in my locker to be stored for the weekend. When they looked inside my backpack they found a couple of bags of marijuana and some prescription medications. They immediately handcuffed me, shackled me, and belly-chained me and said I would instead be revoked from my supervision for the new charges. I didn’t have any new charges filed against me really. Instead they revoked my supervision with intentions of extending my supervision past my seventeenth birthday and expelled me from High School. 

When I was released on my seventeenth birthday with a mandatory discharge, I didn’t know what to do. I was stuck without a High School Diploma and no idea where to start looking for a job. I ended up having to get a full-time work permit from the YWCA after they verified my expulsion. Then I set out to find a job. I never thought having a High School Diploma would have meant so much at that time.

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