Saturday, September 24, 2011

...more bad news...

Journal entry...

Day 13
  Today I was hit with more bad news. When I was talking to my Mom, she told me that my brother was moving one of my best friend’s stuff out of his apartment. Then filled in the rest of the information. She told me that Jordan (friend) found out that his girlfriend was at a known drug house on his way to work. So he stopped there on his way and got his girlfriend to leave with him. Later he was arrested at work for kidnapping & false imprisonment, after someone at the house called the police on him. He’s one of my few sober friends anymore and we were going to be each others support when I got home. He just had a child with his girlfriend and now he faces losing everything as he is already on probation. It seems like every time I get a decent person to help me in my life, it all falls apart somehow. I pray that everything works out for him somehow.

(Counselor note – The one that came for Easter?)


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