Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter Two: Brother – My Closest Best Friend

Chapter Two of the Autobiography...  Letter B, Brother.

Chapter Two
Brother – My Closest Best Friend
 My brother’s name is Erick Noone Graf. He was born on September 7th, 1979 at the same hospital I was born in three years later. He and I have been quite close throughout our lives. So close that I would consider him to be my closest best friend. As kids we always hung out together. Riding bicycles together when we were young, and dirt bikes later as we got older. I think the greatest majority of my firsts were with him. Although he and I have had our fair share of bouts, we’ve managed to stay close to one another. I always enjoy just hanging out with my brother. Whether we’re doing something eventful, something important, or nothing at all. I’m content when I’m spending my time with him. Just like with my parents, I value my brother’s opinion more than most anyone else’s. If I date a girl, she usually needs to meet his expectations of someone he would choose to be my girlfriend. The reason for this is because if she’s going to be my girlfriend, she’ll spend as much time around him as I do, so they need to get along, and I don’t enjoy hearing from my brother, “You could do so much better than her!”
I don’t dispute the fact that he and I have fought each other (usually over pointless things) until we were bloody and bruised, but we always ended up making up sooner or later.
My brother and I are so much alike that we are often called by each others’ name. It’s quite common for us to be mistaken as twins or as the other one in general. We have even dated the same girl (Yes, at different times), and she even commented how much alike we were. The difference between my brother and I is that my brother typically thinks things through before acting, unlike myself. This could be why he’s hardly had any run-ins with the law throughout his life.
I’m really glad for this, because I don’t think my parents could handle another one of their children always in and out of jail, and/or prison. I’ve been enough of a stress on my parents in this aspect. But luckily my brother has always been there for me like the rest of my family has. I’ll admit I haven’t always been honest to him, and I’ve taken things of his without his permission, and he probably has a hard time trusting me. But, he’s been here for me through thick and thin, and I’m grateful for that. I know that if I had a problem with something, he would be the first person there to help me out.

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