Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Real Fear.

Journal entry....


  Right now I’m feeling sort of confused as to what I’ll write about in my autobiography. I know it’s suppose to be about me, but what I’m talking about is what type of content to use. My life has been all over the place, and I’ll admit it’s consisted of a lot of partying. I’m really afraid that what I’m going to write about isn’t going to be what’s expected. I guess my real fear is being a failure. A failure of the assignment, a failure of this program, a failure to my family, and a failure to myself. I hope I start to see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel so I can stop worrying. The anxiety and worrying I have of failing has plagued me throughout my life. I’ve failed so many things because I feared I wouldn’t complete them, so therefore I wouldn’t even start them. The fear and anxiety has consumed my life and the time I should be using to complete the projects. If I don’t learn to control this, I’ll never get anything done.

(Counselor Note - You write about YOU! What have you failed at? Or could be a chapter in your autobiography.)

~J. Doe

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