Sunday, September 25, 2011

T.V. = News, Outside Life

Journal entry...

Day 17

  Today the C.O. came and looked at my T.V.. Once he saw that was wrong with it he had me pack it up and fill out and exchange form on the back of my packing slip. He told me that they would exchange it free of charge and that shipping would be free too. I’m glad they’re doing something about it. It is one of my only accesses to the outside, my source of daily news. I watch very little T.V. outside of the news really. Hopefully it won’t take too long to get my replacement back. Unlike most of the inmates in here, my cellmates follow the rules and keep their headphones plugged into their T.V.s at all times so they don’t disturb one another. I’d rather they kept doing that, but I hate asking what’s going on when I see a headline on the news. I don’t want to bother them all the time. It shouldn’t be too long before I get my new T.V. back anyways. I’ll have more time to read now which is a better way to look at it.


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