Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Mother's Day

Journal entry...

Day 21

Mother’s Day

It’s hard to put my feelings into words here. Today I called home in the afternoon to talk to everyone who would be at my house. Everyone was there as I expected, and when they said how they missed me it made me feel like a bigger failure. Then I talked to Nana and she told me she thinks about me all of the time and misses having me around. It took all of my strength to not start crying right then, and even now as I relive those moments. I told her I’m doing my best to come home as soon as possible and that I loved her and missed her so much too. I can’t describe how it felt to hear her say that to me. My family haven’t been much for showing affection and expressing love for one another. I started trying to show it a little a few years ago. It started small by saying I loved them before getting off the phone with them while I was in the county jail. I hope it grows to be a more common scenario after I leave. I’m still not quite used to this open display and expression of love.


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