Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chapter One: Alcohol and Drugs – My Use

Chapter One of the Autobiography...  Letter A, Alcohol.

Chapter One
Alcohol and Drugs – My Use
  When growing up I never really expected to start using drugs or alcohol. Frankly I never did like the effect it had on the people I grew up around. But by the time I was twelve I started getting used to seeing people drinking around me more and more. So of course I wanted to give it a shot. I first got intoxicated from drinking beer. Then, when I started smoking marijuana when I was thirteen, I got put on juvenile supervision. At some point of the supervision I was mandated to do drug testing, which I failed. Once I failed the first drug test, my P.O. started giving them to me every week. Eventually I had to quit smoking marijuana, at least for the time being. Then I started having troubles going to sleep at night, so I started drinking heavily to fall asleep. I did this every night for quite some time. Before I knew it, I was used to drinking. As time went by I slowed down on my drinking, but increased my smoking of marijuana. There were a few occasions of experimenting with cough syrup around this age too. When I turned sixteen I was drinking occasionally still, and smoking marijuana almost daily. This ended when I was arrested for my first OWI and was revoked from supervision and sent to Ethan Allen. When I was released for the second time from Ethan Allen it was only a short while before I was involved in selling LSD and I was using it heavily while I was selling it. This didn’t last very long as I was finally arrested for my crime. Over the next few years I used alcohol more and more frequently as I was unable to use other drugs due to drug testing while on supervision. I did do some experimenting with different drugs throughout the years, but nothing ever amounted to more than one or two uses. My drugs use has primarily been with marijuana and alcohol. There was also a short period of time when I was sixteen or seventeen when I was abusing prescription pain killers. Then it happened again just last year. Before being sentenced for my fifth OWI last year, I was at home on house arrest for some unpaid fines. During this period of time I couldn’t drink due to an alcohol monitoring bracelet and I couldn’t use due to random drug testing. When it was almost a week until sentencing I gave up on everything. I didn’t care about failing a drug test. In my opinion, I was about to go through the worst thing I could have in over ten years. I had the option of staying at home on this house arrest for an additional year instead of going to prison. But at the time my father and I weren’t getting along very well. He didn’t even seem bothered the slightest that I was choosing prison over sitting at home with him. So I did something for the attention, and a bit of self gain. I stole all of his pain killers. When he confronted me about it I told him I guess he was going to have to call the police. While he was talking to the dispatcher on the phone I was consuming the pills. By the time the police officer came to the house I had met him on the front porch. He eventually put me into his car when he found out I was under the influence of some of the pills. I denied stealing the pills, but couldn’t deny the using of some of them. It was so obvious at that point. My eyes wouldn’t dilate and I was having troubles talking. The officer went back inside to tell my parents he was taking me to the hospital, so I consumed the rest of the pills with the hopes of not being caught with them. I was willing to risk my life to not get caught with them. I eventually woke up in the ICU at Beloit Memorial Hospital a few days later. I was hooked up to a bunch of different monitors and had a round-the-clock guard provided by the Rock County Sheriff’s Department. At some point I was taken to the Rock County Jail where I was put into the Secure Housing Unit. I was so deeply under the influence of these prescription pain killers that the next eight days were a blur. I don’t even recall speaking with my arresting officer or the drug unit detective. I admitted to stealing the pills and was granted some leniency. I was later sentenced to thirty-six months of consecutive supervision to my extended supervision. I’ve been clean ever since this incident and contrary to some people’s beliefs, I’ve had plenty of chances to use drugs since this day. Rock County Jail is a cesspool of drug dealers who’re still holding when they come in. I’ll be released from supervision on May 6th, 2017.

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