Monday, March 28, 2011

Calling People Out!

Written on Monday, February 21, 2011........

   So today started off being another day I wasn't going to have anything to write about. We were suppose to have Rec at 7:30AM but since it's a state mandated furlough day and President's Day also today, they were short-handed on staff and had to cancel Rec. So I slept and read between meals other than doing cell clean-up at 1:45PM. I knew there was no mail due to the holiday and no canteen ordering either due to the furlough. So I slept more out of boredom than tiredness.

   Then, at dinner, four of us got sat at the “naughty” table, by the white-shirts, for no apparent reason. Just due to the crowding, I guess. This is where things got more exciting. To my left was Baldwin, to my right was Segorski, and across from me was Baldwin's cellmate. Now at the beginning of the meal, Segorski gave Baldwin's cellmate his baked potato. When he tried to give him his butter packet also, Baldwin's cellmate said he didn't need it, so Segorski set it on the corner of his tray. Throughout the meal we all talked and no one showed any signs of having any kind of problems with anyone. Toward the end of the meal, Baldwin's cellmate cut the potato in half and offered half of it to Baldwin. Baldwin accepted it, but then mentioned that he didn't have any butter to put on it. So his cellmate reached over and grabbed the butter that Segorski originally tried to give to him. Segorski said, “Don't ever take anything off my fucking tray. You ask me first!” We all laughed, not thinking he was really serious, but he continued to act pissed off. Then Baldwin said, “That's the kind of attitude that is going to get your ass beat at R.Y.O.C.F. (Racine Youth Offender Correctional Facility)”. Segorski responded with, “I should beat your fucking ass right now!” Then Baldwin said, “C'mon” with a smile on his face. We all thought Segorski was joking but but then he got up and came around the table like he wanted to fight. Baldwin put his hands up telling him to “Knock it off, sit down”, but the white shirts snatched up Segorski before anything else happened. I ate the rest of my tray and got up saying, “I didn't see anything!” When I got to the exit they had Segorski up against the wall trying to secure cuffs on him but he was struggling and resisting the staff. So we all had to wait a few minutes while they took him to the hole. He's 24 years old, going to a prison full of the youngest adult offenders, and has a short temper, let alone whatever other mental issues he has that require him to take an unusually large amount of medication. I have a feeling he has a long, rough road ahead of him.

  The rest of the night was uneventful though. My cellmate and I read and talked occasionally as we usually do. I stayed up pretty late reading this Christian fiction novel called “Riven” by Jerry B. Jenkins. Excellent book so far.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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