Thursday, March 10, 2011

Go to Church and the Packers Win the Super Bowl ! ! !

Written Sunday, February 6, 2011...

  Today started off really nice, let me tell ya! After breakfast I came back to my cell and locked down. Then the swamper came around asking people who were on the church list if they would like to go, and guess what? I wasn't on the list again! This time I asked to speak to the Sgt. Once again I told him I had signed up every week for the last four weeks so he agreed to give them a call and check into it for me. He came back a few minutes later and told me they said I could come and asked if I had filled out the request form properly. I explained that it was nearly impossible to screw up the Religious Request form as all you need to do is fill in your name, DOC # and cell location. Then just check the box for which service you are requesting. Explaining didn't make much difference to him.

So, at 7:30 AM I went to a Protestant Church Service and was quite pleased. It was a very active service, with a band, singing, communion and an excellent story that almost every inmate could relate to. After the church service my cellmate kept me awake for another hour telling me a story that made little sense to me and had no morale. I woke up for lunch, ate, and came back to my cell. My cellmate fell asleep shortly after count, Thank God!

This gave me a perfect chance to fill out another Personal Accountability and Goals form. It asks me questions like, “List your positive qualities that will help you achieve these goals, List your self-destructive behaviors that prevent you from reaching your goals, List the programs or activities (that are available while you are incarcerated) that will help you achieve your goals, What is your plan to address these goals and what can you do to assist the D.O.C. in making your re-entry a success, List community resources that can help you achieve your goals.” I think it is needless to say that this form is sort of important, so I wanted some quiet time so I could think while answering the questions. I filled the same form out when I first came to D.C.I. but now I have a better idea what is available for me, so my answers are slightly different now. I am keeping both copies for when I go to staffing. I start my eighth week on Wednesday and they typically try to staff inmates around eight weeks after arriving here at D.C.I. So I hope it is soon.

After finishing the new form I took a nap until dinner. After dinner and count we got to listen to the Super Bowl on the radio. Some of us did at least. My cellmate couldn't stay quiet long enough for me to hear shit. So, I had to live with quarterly updates from the Sgt. Well, the whole unit just started screaming about the Packers winning the Super Bowl after 9:00 PM count was finished. So I guess that's it, we're Super Bowl champions again! I'm going to read some of this book my cellmate has sitting here and go to sleep. I'm exhausted...

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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