Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sore and Shaggy

Written on Saturday. February 12, 2011

  Another slow day around here.  My arms are so sore from over exercising with too much weight on Wednesday and Thursday.  I can't even straighten my arms at my sides right now.  I keep stretching then, but they always go back to being bent and sore after I relax for a bit.  I made sure I was well stretched out before going to the gym today.  I did some curls mostly to stretch the muscles more, then focused on pull-ups and bench presses for my chest.  I'm so stiff when I leave the gym that I look like a bodybuilder. LOL!  I was especially looking forward to taking a shower today so I could let the hot water loosen me up some.

  After my shower I really noticed how long my hair is getting since it hangs in my eyes from time to time.  Everyone says I look crazy with my long hair because I don't do anything with it.  I comb it, but don't part it, pull it back or even put it behind my ears.  I'm here to impress no one, so why try?  Once it gets longer and easier to pull back I'll do it.  Who knows, I may just chop it off.

  Anyhow, my cellmate and I played Dominoes from 2:00 PM until after 6:00 PM.  We're both good at it so it makes it more fun.

  I wish I knew more about what people were interested in reading about so I could focus more on those types of things in my logs.

  The last couple of days I've been hoping to hear from some people out there but haven't gotten any mail.  So, if you feel like saying hello or writing me, just submit a response to one of my posts including your information and a short letter and I'll be sure to write you back just as soon as I get the message.  ("The 3rd Person" here...  You can just leave your email address or email to, send a message on gates or on and I'll get back to you.)

  In the mean time I think I'll read some of my book and call it a night.

  Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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