Tuesday, March 22, 2011

My New Cellmate's Birthday

Written on Tuesday, February 15, 2011....

   So today didn't have much happening in it either. I apologize for having so little to write about in these days that nothing is different than the last. I had Bible Study at 9:30am, just after I got back from Rec. I enjoy it more each time actually. Going over small portions of a book that has such a big meaning. This week was the conviction and crucification of Jesus. After returning to my cell, I gave copies of our readings to my cellmate since he has signed up for Bible Studies but hasn't been placed in one yet. Sometimes it takes awhile. He also let me know today was his 28th birthday and said he got his first gray hair as a present. I wished him a Happy Birthday, even though it couldn't be very happy.

   Then the swamper came to my door and told me to get ready to get in the shower. He ended up giving me a 10 minute shower. Small perk for the few cakes or noodles I give him. Simple things like that can go a long ways in here.

   We got our canteen orders in around 2:30pm, and they passed out mail right after. I didn't get any today. I haven't had any since earlier last week. I hope my letters and cards got there. For the most of the afternoon my cellmate and I talked and read books.

   Around 6:00pm, I went out and helped the swamper fold clothes. After we finished, I cooked a simple “hook-up” as they are called in here – three noodles, seasoning, one bag of Cheetos and one bag of Party Mix. Crush it all down, put it in a bag, and add hot water. Once it's thick and pasty, roll it up and let it sit. It will get firm and then it's done. Cut it in half, and enjoy, while your friend enjoys the other! Afterwards I locked back down and read my book until about midnight.

Until tomorrow.... 

~J. Doe

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  1. "hook up" man I will have to try that just to see what it is like to have the noodles/Cheetos cooked together lol (prison cook book sounds like a cool idea to me?). You asked a little while back what people want to read about? I think you do a very good job as far as keeping our attention. I know I have never been to jail/prison so I am looking for a look/feel on every day life, including boring days. What do you think about all day? What dose your cell look like? How does the various staff treat you? Do some staff seem to care more than others? How do you keep your cell clean, I would think they don't have Clorox wipes to pass out? Are there just some things you know without having to be told? Like who to stay away from or things not to do? What do they do to you if you get in trouble? Do you have any control over who you have/keep as a cell mate? Do you hope to get out early or do you have an exact date you can get out after? Are others open about why they are there? Do people discuss the various locations & do you know what place sounds the best to go to & what place sounds the worst? Do you think you will ever go back to prison after you get out? (is it that bad to say you will never end up back there again) I did like how you talked about how things are not like they are shown on tv/movies like the shower area. What are some other misconceptions about prison that they show on tv/movies? Hope you don't mind getting questions from a stranger :) Thank you for doing this. I did just see a man had a book published about his time in prison. I am going to look into buying it. Can you get books sent to you? Can you receive anything other than paper mail? You mentioned you were disappointed that some friends have yet to contact you, will you still be friends with them when you get out? Who has stuck by you? Do you have any advice for people who have a loved one in prison? Anything that can be done to show support/make them happy/make them feel less forgotten? I know you said mail is a big thing but even if I sent a letter every day I would still feel like I was doing nothing to help my friend who is in prison for life. What do you think about life in prison? How would one live each day in prison knowing they will never get out? Anything I can do for you in return for your time & help in understanding what life in prison is like? I met your brother on FaceBook after I found this blog. He is a very nice guy & I am glad you have him to do this for you. I would think it is a lot of work. He has been very honest & open so far :) I live in IL just over the WI/IL border but grew up in the salem/kenosha county area till I was 20 & moved to IL (31 now). I am glad I just happened to stumble on to your Blog :) ~ Laney