Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Minister Speaks Directly to ME!

Written on February 27, 2011,

   Unfortunately nothing happened today besides church. While at church, though, the minister was preaching as usual. Only it seemed like he was talking about me in particular. He said God was drawing me to him by being here, by giving me unbearable cellmates, making me patient with my staffing worker, with staff here in prison, and by having people not write me. Right away in my head all I could think was, “What the fuck?” He sure seemed like he was speaking to me directly. I was slightly disturbed by it, but then I thought these must just be common problems amongst all inmates. Either way, he got my attention!!

   Anyhow...after church I got a short nap in before lunch. Then the rest of the day was spent at meals, reading books or day dreaming. I finished another Michael Connelly novel named 'The Overlook'. It was a good book but it was short. It only took a day to read. So I started another one by Michael Connelly called 'City of Bones'. I think I'm going to read some of it now actually. The swamper came around earlier with the passes for tomorrow already, but none for me. Dammit! I'm getting impatient with my staffing worker again. Time to say a prayer and read my book before bed.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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