Thursday, March 17, 2011

Numbing Classificaton

Written on Friday, February 11, 2011...

  Today I was hoping for something to happen in regards to my staffing but my cellmate was the lucky one.  His staffing agent apologized for it taking so long to get him in.  I guess it was pretty much a straight forward process.  She staffed him as Medium security and had him choose three prisons he'd like to go to.  He chose Racine Correction Institution, Jackson Correction Institution or Redgranite Correction Institution, in that order.  They can't promise you placement anywhere particular, it depends on when a spot opens up.

  God, I hope I get minimum classification.

  At 5:30 PM we did count as usual and then the Sgt. came to the door with a bottle of pink stuff.  The nurse instructed me to swish it in my mouth for this cut I got on my gums that was incredibly sore.  Once I spit it out and rinsed the measuring cup out, I give it back to the Sgt.  The pink stuff tasted like cough syrup with novacaine in it.  It numbed my mouth so much.  I have to do this five times a day now for a while, at least until the pain goes away.

  My cellmate and I played Rummy from 5:30 PM until after 9:00 PM count.  Then, we both lay decided to down for the night.  Just after I started reading I remembered I had to write this and get my Valentine's cards in the mail.  After I sent those out I laid down to read for a bit....

  Until tomorrow....

~J. Doe

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