Saturday, March 19, 2011

Cellmate Change and Church

Written on Sunday, February 13, 2011

  I don't remember if I wrote a log for today already since I sent out my logs earlier tonight.
Just if case I forgot to mention it, my cellmate was told to pack up his personal property. He has court in the morning in Milwaukee. So I guess I will be getting another cellmate in the morning.

   I had church this morning also. We had some very animated speakers at the service from all walks of life. Unfortunately, they sat me behind someone I know from home who owes me $1,000. I'm glad it was in church that they decided to seat me behind him, because if it were any place else, I may not have had the strength to keep from smacking him upside his head. He acknowledged my being there and became silent. His silence was comforting in knowing that I had that kind of effect on him. Other than this, the rest of the service was good.. It's been a slow, uneventful, boring day.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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