Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Denied for Moisturizing!

Written on Thursday, February 10, 2011...

  Not much happened today.  At 8:30 AM we had Rec, but when my cellmate and I walked out of the cell to go, my cellmate got yelled at for not being ready and sent back to the cell.

  I somehow managed to lift weights even as sore as I was from yesterday's workout.  I feel like I tore every muscle in my arms.

  When I got back to my cell my cellmate was complaining about how he's never been sent back for something like that before.  Apparently, he was sent back for rubbing lotion on his face after he walked out of his cell.  He said he was going to try to get moved again.  At lunch he talked to a 'white shirt' and explained that he had been here without being staffed for over five months now and he's dealing with a Sgt on a power trip so, he wanted something done or he was going to the hole.  The 'white shirt' told him it was no reason  to go to the hole over, but he'd make sure he was staffed soon.

  I went to the library at 2:30 PM and got some new books and magazines to read. 

  The rest of the night was pretty much spent talking to my cellmate and reading.  I got the lights off by 11:00 PM since my cellmate was ready for bed.  See?  A little respect can go a long ways.  I think him and I will get along fine here.

  Until Tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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