Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Manipulation in Attempt to Cause Violence!

Written Saturday, February 5, 2011...

   Not much is going on today really. I went back to sleep after breakfast and slept until lunch. Right after leaving the chow hall everyone in the hallway was told to “Stop and face the wall as they pass!” Apparently they don't like you to look at them when they're taking someone to the hole. I came back to my cell right after this and got ready for Rec. I made sure my bed was made perfectly and all my things were neat.

   When we went out for Rec at 12:30 PM it only took a few minutes before three people were called back to my unit. After Rec was over and we got back to our unit, there were extra Sergeants and White shirt Captains here, so we locked down quick.

   Then my cellmate said his money was on the Sgt's desk up front. What he was talking about was photocopied dollar bills that was part of his case he is in prison for. Next thing you know, they took one of the new guys on the unit, that got called back from Rec, down to the hole. The only thing we could figure out was that he must have snapped on the Sgt when he got called back.

   Only once we started to come to this conclusion, the Sgt came to our door, opened the trap door, and said, “I found your money and your coffee, (while holding onto paper folded up with coffee in it and photocopied money.) Now I just sent one guy out for having contraband. I better not hear either of you for the next couple of weeks now.”

   He shut the door and walked away before I could even respond to him. I'd like to know what any of this has anything to do with me?? I have my own coffee and he didn't find any of it in my things. He better not have wrote a report involving me. I won't know anymore until tomorrow since it's shift change.

   We had showers right after this. The 2nd shift Sgt was rushing us in and out of there to get them done ASAP. After we finished our shower the swamper came and told me my cellmate ruined my chances for coming out and helping him again. I asked what the hell my cellmate has to do with me and he just said not to get mad at him. BULLSHIT!! He found someone else to come help him and play cards with him, and that's fine, but don't try to put me in the position of beating the shit out of my cellmate and lie to me. I understand the swamper hates my cellmate, and I don't like him much either, but why are you going to try to push me to beating his ass?? Because you won't/can't? I see through it and that's fine. But, I'm not going to fall for it. Instead, I can play too...

   I'm going to quietly read to myself for tonight. Tomorrow is going to be a long day I have a feeling.

   Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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