Monday, March 28, 2011

Walker and my Brother, Blood Is A Stronger Union!

Written on Tuesday, February 22, 2011..

   Today was another typical day in here really. We placed our canteen orders today since they were closed yesterday due to the furlough day. I ordered non-food related items since I'm trying to slow down on gaining weight. I came in weighing 181# and was up to 203# at the end of last week. I'm not trying to come out looking like a body builder, and I still have plenty of time. I got a letter from my Mom today talking about my brother getting a new job and the gist of what's happening in Madison right now (Gov. Walker), so I got on the phone call list to make a call home. When I called home at 7:45PM, I heard excellent news about my brother getting a job, interviewing for another job that has a more promising future, and having a number of other job offers at the same time. I'm glad things are going well for him. Mom said she may come visit this weekend depending on my brother's schedule and the weather. Other than that, I read for the rest of the night until lights out.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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