Saturday, March 5, 2011

Less To Say? Maybe Truely A Typical Day.

Written on Monday, January 31, 2011

   Today was a typical day for me here a Dodge Correctional Institute. I had Rec at 7:30 AM downstairs in the small Rec room. I pushed myself to the limit, damn near passing out while on the bench press. After that, we did clothing exchange. I tried to get out of my cell to “help” the swamper all morning but, the 1st shift Sargent wasn't going for it.

   We did cell clean up after 12:15 PM headcount and shift change. The 2nd shift Sargent let me out to help fold laundry until 4:15 PM when we had dinner. Then, I just came back to my cell to lock down. It makes it easier for the Sarge since everyone has to be locked down for headcount at 5:30 PM anyhow.

  I used this time to fill out my canteen order form.

   After count, the Sarge came and got me out for a phone call... But I never signed up...? I found out the swamper mistakenly signed me up for a phone call instead of my cellmate. I told the Sarge that I didn't want a phone call but he let me stay out to help finish folding laundry and doing “rounds,” answering questions for other inmates and whatever else.

   After the swamper passed out ice at 7:00 PM we just played cribbage until 8:45 PM. He told me he heard a number of people may get moved tomorrow but doesn't know who. I guess I'll see then. Now, I'm going to eat some noodles, read my book and lay down for the night.  I'm exhausted.

  Until Tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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