Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Lock Down With Ric Flair!

Written Wednesday, February 2, 2011...

   I woke up for headcount today at 6 AM as usual. “Ric Flair” is working. Seriously, this guy talks and looks just like him, just a little shorter. After count he asks if everyone is ready for breakfast. Apparently the whole institution is on lock down due to the storm last night. There is a serious shortage of staff so all of today's activities or movement have been temporarily suspended. We will be eating in our cells also. After breakfast I went back to sleep until 10:30 AM or so. I woke up to Sgt. “Flair” cracking jokes on everyone in the unit. He told one inmate he was going to “kick his candy ass.” Then, popped his cell open and told him to “suit up bitch!” The guy jumped back scared. So when Sarge shut the door laughing, he said, “I scared him so bad his brown skin was turning white!”

   We went to lunch right after this. When we got back to our cells “Flair” turned his head so everyone could pass anything they wanted to before he locked the cell doors. Once we locked down the swamper came around to let everyone know the institution was back under “normal” state, but Rec. activities were still canceled. I also signed up to make a phone call at 6:45 PM tonight.

   I went out to help the swamper take trash down the hall right after dinner and then we folded laundry until 5:20 PM when we locked down for headcount. After count was completed we both cam out and finished folding the laundry. The Sgt. who is working seems kind of weird. He doesn't show any type of emotion on his face whatsoever.

   They started going through the phone list, letting people come out to make their calls. My cellmate was scheduled to make a call at 5:45 PM, but didn't get off the phone until 6:20 PM, which means he made two calls and screwed up the whole schedule. I said I'd cancel my call to fix the schedule but luckily enough people between his call and mine didn't get connected so it put us back on track. I made my call at 6:45 PM as planned and talked to my Dad for a while before he passed the phone to my Mom. They both talked about the storm they had at home. Lots of snow, and drifts several feet tall. I told her I sent out some letters, including several pages of this log to be published. We talked about my brother visiting since he was approved and a few other random things. Unfortunately our call was ended mid-sentence for my Mom. So, “I love you Mom and hope to talk to you soon!”

   Afterwords, the swamper passed out ice while I played solitaire. When he finished we played cribbage until 8:45 PM. After we locked down and did 9:00 PM headcount I made some noodles and tuna fish and ate them with crackers. I couldn't even finish them before going to bed stuffed. I read my book for a short while and called it a night.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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