Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Suddenly A Writer's Critic? ;-)

Written Friday, February 4, 2011...

   A typical day for me here so there probably won't be much for me to write. No passes or appointments. No Rec activities... hardly any movement at all. I've noticed though that in the mornings, when I go back to sleep, there have been quite a few people being moved in and out of here. For the most part the people who are here more than a few days will usually stay in the unit. Other than that, I have no idea how they choose who comes and goes from the unit. I wish I did.

   Lots of reading and getting caught up on sleep today. I decided to not drink any coffee so I could sleep as much as possible.

   We had sheet exchange at about 10:30 AM and then went to lunch. After lunch we had count at 12:30 PM then it was nap time for me again until 2:30 PM when we did cell clean up. The Sgt passed out mail at this time too, nothing for this cell. I read my book and ate some tuna fish and noodles, not expecting to have a very large dinner. We had burritos though and they aren't small. I'm stuffed now and I found out I won't be getting out to help the swamper because my cellmate was banging on the bunk rapping and being loud again. I guess I'll just finish my book and start a new one then.

   I checked out the first “Lord of the Rings” book from the library yesterday. They didn't have the first Harry Potter or Twilight novels, so this will do I suppose. Or, maybe not. I started the book and I'm not sure how I feel about how it's written. I'm just going to read some of Dennis Rodman's Biography and call it a night then.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe


  1. Will you please tell J. Doe that I read his blog & it helps me to see how my friend who is in prison for life must feel @ times. I like to read about his every day stuff & hope he gets a new cell mate ASAP that guy would drive me crazy as well. I hope he continues to let us share his world & that his time will go fast. I hope he is doing things while he is stuck in that hell hole that will better his life when he gets out. I never knew how important mail could be to a person & will try to send my other friend mail more often. Just from reading the words no mail for me makes me feel his disappointment. Sending lots of good vibes & warm wishes his way. Thank You & please keep up the good work :) ~Laney (31/F/IL)

  2. Thank You Laney!

    You are the first person to comment and to the most surprise you are actually a stranger as far as I know.

    This also blog also has news feeds on facebook:

    and on Twitter:

    But, after reading your comment I have a feeling you just may have stumbled upon this blog whis is great.

    By reading the blog you should be able to tell that this is taking place in the Wisconsin Prison System. Previously the inmate was incarcerated in Rock County. He chose to do prison time over county time because, those that have spent county time in Rock know, it is worse than prison.

    I don't want to give too much information publicly or happen to give any "spoilers" but feel free to contact me on the Facebook or Twitter account or even better yet, the email account which is

    I spend more time on these accounts publishing this than I do on my own ;) I look forward to hearing from you and possibly your experience so far dealing with your separation between you and your friend.