Wednesday, March 30, 2011

In Time of Test, Family is Best.

Written on February 26, 2011....

   I woke up today thinking about nothing except my potential visit. The weather has been nice all week, and we have blue skies this morning. So as long as my brother's schedule at work doesn't conflict with coming to see me, my Mom and he should both be here today.

   After breakfast I reluctantly went back to sleep. I was afraid they would come tell me I had a visit, but not give me time to brush my teeth and whatnot before it. I woke up for lunch and the swamper came and told me I had a visit. But when the Sgt. came to get me, he said it was a visit for my cellmate, not me. So I went to lunch and he went to his visit. After lunch I prepared for Rec while admittedly hoping they told me I couldn't go because I had a visit instead. I went down and worked out hard while trying to sidetrack myself from the fact that I saw that it was now snowing and I probably wouldn't get a visit. After Rec I came back to my cell and was about to get ready to shower when the Sgt. Came and told me I had a visit! I was so happy to see some of my family!! I hadn't seen my Mom in over a month, and my brother since October. We talked about a number of different things. His new job, people we both know on the “outside”, how the family is doing, how this blog is doing, and how things are inside here. It didn't matter what we were talking about, in my opinion. I was just happy they were here! Our visit was over at 3:30PM, so we said our “I love you”s and goodbyes, and I went back to be strip-searched prior to returning to my cell.

   I had dinner right after coming back, so I gave my meal away since I had had a burger during my visit. I also got another letter and more pics from my Mom when I got back. The rest of my night was spent reading and occasionally looking at my pictures. There is one of my nephew who looks like he is trying to make a scary face for the pic, or he's trying to scare whoever is taking the picture. Either way, I can picture him saying “RAWRRRRR....” when I look at it. So every time I look at it, I say just that: “RAWRRRRR”! It makes me laugh just thinking about him doing it! I bet my cellmate thinks I'm crazy though. Anyway, now for some more reading until bed.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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