Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Law Library

Written on February 25, 2011....

   I was half expecting to be scheduled for my staffing today. I'm mid-way through my tenth week here at DCI, and usually only takes eight weeks to get staffed. But no such luck.

   I, and the majority of my unit, had Library passes at 9:30AM today. I focused on getting good books now that I have a cellmate that also reads books. I managed to get together six decent books amongst the torn-up and mixed-up books in the Library. After coming back to the cell it was nearly lunch. So I continued the book I was reading and waited until standing count at 12:15PM; this noted that I should get ready to go to the Law Library. I had a pass for 12:30PM to go there and get some help with my appeal. I was notified last week that my appeal had been dismissed due to the fact that my attorney had submitted it late. I was told by the clerk there to get photocopies of my letters from my attorney made and to have them sent to the appellate attorney for Rock County. I just so happened to recognize the Law Library clerk as well. He is from Rock County and some might remember him from when he shot and killed his girl friend in the Fourth Ward in 2009. After I arranged to have copies made, I sat and checked out some of the catalogs of items available to purchase once you are staffed, like TVs, radios, shoes, alarm clocks, etc. I came back to my unit as soon as I finished going through one of those. On the way back I ran into someone else from my hometown of 2500 people too! Small world!!

   Last night I didn't sleep well because my back was sore and I kept having dreams of being “outside” again. Since I didn't sleep well, I was exhausted at this point of my day. So I read a few chapters and napped from count until ice distribution. Now I'm getting caught up on my logs and may rearrange my box of property and then read until I'm tired again. I haven't gotten any mail from anyone besides my family for so long that I'm not so sure I will. So far I've only got one other letter . Anyways, I'm going to wrap this up for the night.

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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