Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Prison Work Out - Razor Burning!

Written Thursday, February 3, 2011...

   Today the swamper came around after breakfast and made a Rec list, but I forgot to tell my cellmate that I had library passes for 7:30 AM. So, when 7:30 came and they yelled for everyone to make sure their bunks were neatly made and to step out quietly for library my cellmate had to rush and scramble to get it neatly in under a minute... Luckily we made it!

   Minutes after coming back to my cell, putting my shorts and Rec shoes on, we had Rec. Since Rec was canceled yesterday and I got a decent amount of rest I pushed myself harder than ever today. It felt great, not to mention the progress I'm starting to see. It's really addicting to me when I replaced my non-stop party lifestyle outside of prison, with the structured lifestyle inside prison and the few times you get to leave your cell... There isn't much to do other than work out. Once I started seeing the progress and feeling it too, I knew right away, it'd be hard to quit when I get out of prison.

   After Rec was over we got showers out of the day just in time for lunch. The swamper told me I would be last to take a shower (my cellmate and I) so I figured I'd have plenty of time to shave. Well, once I started hacking through all the thick stuff, I realized how dull my razor was, but there's no turning back now. So, I went at it when I realized we were about to shower in just a few minute.. I had to hurry! I go it mostly smooth but I ended up with some serious razor burn. After showers we went to lunch and WOW! My face was on fire!

   After lunch I decided to read a chapter in my book and take a nap. I woke up around 3:00 PM and asked if there was any mail, and apparently there was, just none for me.

  I read some more until dinner. After dinner I kept on with my reading. My cellmate was acting like an idiot as usual so, since he wanted to be loud rapping and shit, the 2nd shift Sgt. said he wasn't letting anyone come out to help the swamper. I got stuck in my cell with the idiot all night. I think the light probably went off around 2:00 AM when he finally decided to go to sleep. I'm going to end up choking him to death soon if he doesn't leave!

Until tomorrow...

~J. Doe

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